The 3 Best Waterproofing Spray For UGGs

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Best Waterproofing Spray For UGGs
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UGGs may be warm and stylish, but unfortunately, they’re not the most durable of shoes once moisture is introduced. Cue the best waterproofing sprays for UGGs. In order to narrow down the options, I got in touch with Clara Chon, an artist and fashion designer who specializes in “extending the lifespan of suede and leather” for her line of sustainable leather goods. Chon recommends that you “waterproof your UGGs as soon as possible to protect the suede [from] stains and water spots” — but the type of spray definitely matters here.

“UGG boots are created by using hides of sheepskin leather harvested with its fleece (the ‘sheep’ looking part) still intact. The fleece is flipped inward to act as a lining, leaving the softer, interior part of the skin exposed,” Chon wrote in an email to Bustle. Since that suede is absorbent and easily damaged, you should only use a spray that’s recommended for this material specifically. You want to coat the boot with a repellant, protective layer that dries clear and doesn’t compromise the look or the quality of the material.

In terms of actually applying the spray, Chon has a few tips: First, clean your UGGs beforehand by “gently dusting off any dry dirt” and removing water spots by “brushing against the grain to raise the nap.” After that, apply the spray in “thin coats so that the spray dries evenly” — and always work in a well-ventilated area. While your shoes are drying, place them out of direct sunlight.

Keep reading to see the best products for protecting and rejuvenating your UGGs. But note: When I reached out to UGGs for the purpose of this article, they informed me that they “cannot speak for other brands’/company’s waterproofing procedures and only our products and programs we offer,” so if you’re looking for a brand-approved solution, check out the UGGs care kit below.

1. The Best Care Kit For UGGs — Including A Waterproofing Spray

Reps for UGG recommend this shoe care kit as the best way to keep your UGGs looking great — and so does Chon: “For a complete in-house experience, The eponymous UGGs company also offers a range of aftercare products on their Amazon store, including the Protector spray.” Each order comes with a three-step system, including the aforementioned waterproofing Protector spray to minimize rain, dirt, and snow damage, as well as a cleaner and conditioner to remove stains, and a renewing spray to deodorize insoles. Each order also includes a scuff eraser and a gentle brush with a bamboo handle. (If you just want the waterproofing spray and nothing else, you can also find it here.)

One reviewer wrote: “I wore my boots in the rain multiple times without protecting them and the fronts turned dark. Thought they were ruined. Used the kit to clean and protect them and now they are good as new! I am very pleased.”

2. A Fan-Favorite Waterproofing Spray

Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck protector is an unmissable contender,” Chon wrote. “It works to waterproof all types of suede and with its generous size, you may have [enough left over] to cover an extra pair of suede gloves or a hat.” The spray has also racked up an overall 4.5-star rating from more than 7,500 reviewers, who love it because it works as a water-repellant, easy to apply, and doesn’t change the look or the color of the suede. While it works on a huge range of different accessories, more than 85 positive reviews mention UGGs specifically.

One reviewer wrote: “This stuff works great!! I bought 3 pairs of UGG boots. I was especially afraid for my light brown ones to get dirty. I sprayed this chemical on and it saved them. I wore these boots to work and accidentally spilled a cup of hot tea on them. Luckily, the tea rolled away and the stain was nonexistent.”

3. A Spray Designed For Sheepskin

A suede-friendly spray is a must, but since suede can be crafted from a wide range of different animals, Angelus’s boot spray takes it one step further with its waterproofing formula that’s made for sheepskin in particular. As a result, it helps to prevent against water damage, salt stains, and dirt, all without compromising the look, feel, or color of the material. Reviewers have also noted that it works “without a strong odor” and is “easy to apply.” (While it’s not a direct recommendation from our fashion designer or the brand, Chon does recommend the rejuvenating spray below, which is made by the same brand.)

One reviewer wrote: “This has been the only spray that I have used on sheepskin boots, slippers, and jackets that has not altered the colour and made it go dark. I absolutely recommend it to anyone wanting it for their Uggs. It has made all of mine 100% waterproof (even when accidentally stepping in a puddle). Five-star product.”

Also Great: The Best Rejuvenating Spray If Your UGGs Are Already Damaged

While this isn’t exactly a waterproofing spray, it can help to keep your boots looking brand new for multiple seasons. “Your go-to pair of UGGs looking a bit tired already? For a rejuvenating makeover, Suede Renew pump spray by industry fave Angelus can work wonders to restore and deeply moisturize stiffened and faded suede,” Chon wrote. In addition to softening the nap, it also restores the color and reverses fading, just in case you didn’t get to waterproof your boots in time to prevent damage.


Clara Chon, artist and fashion designer