The 4 Best Women's Spin Shoes

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For dedicated cyclists, a good pair of shoes is an essential investment to ensure comfortable rides. The best women’s spin shoes fit your bike setup and your foot, with enough support through the midfoot without being too tight. Although serious cyclists maintain it’s best to have two sets, one for indoors and one outdoors, it is certainly possible to find outdoor cycling shoes that are compatible with your favorite exercise class if you don’t want to shell out for two pairs.

The most important consideration in a pair of spin shoes will be cleat compatibility. Cleats are often sold separately, although one spin shoe featured below comes with your choice of cleat pre-installed. SPD cleats are most common, but certain major brands — I’m looking at you, Peloton — use LOOK Delta cleats. The difference? SPD cleats have a two-bolt attachment that’s easier to walk around in when you dismount. The three-bolt Delta cleat, by comparison, has a wider plate which results in more power transfer when you pedal, and they may be easier to clip in for novices. They also provide a bit of float so your foot can find its natural alignment. However, SPD cleats are most used by most gyms or studios. Outdoor cycling shoes will also work on a spin bike. Mountain biking shoes are typically SPD compatible, while road cycling shoes often have the same three-bolt system as Delta cleats.

After determining the right cleat for your bike (or favorite class) the next consideration will be the fit and closure. Wirecutter reported that spin shoes should fit tightly starting at the heel through the middle of the foot, but need a little extra room in the toes. Feet swell naturally during exercise, and the last thing you want is to be distracted by shoes you thought fit perfectly. That’s where closures come in. Having an adjustable upper you can tighten, whether that’s Velcro straps or the Boa lace-up system, lets you reach down for quick adjustments without missing a beat. If you prefer a tighter fit, opt for the Boa style, which provides more support.

From Peloton-compatible pairs to mountain bike shoes with a trail-worthy lug sole, these are some of the best spin shoes you’ll find. Take them for a test ride, then consider a few spin class accessories to round out your gym bag. You’ll wonder how you ever rode without them.


The Spin Shoe Bundle With Customizable Cleats

Most spin shoes require you to have the cleats installed separately, but these great kicks let you choose between SPD or Look Delta cleats and come with preinstalled hardware so you're ready to ride. The synthetic leather upper includes plenty of ventilation and three Velcro straps let you adjust the fit across multiple points, while a fiberglass-reinforced sole offers stiffness without weight. A two-year manufacturer's warranty backs up your purchase against defects, so put the pedal to the metal. "They have done beautifully for a couple weeks now right out to the box," one reviewer praised. "Checked the alignment while on the bike and feet straight ahead and middle of the cleat directly under the ball of the foot is exactly what you want...Good shoes for the price and was nice not having to deal with cleat install and adjustment from scratch!"

  • Available options: 6
  • Available sizes: 6 – 11


Some SPD Cycling Shoes That Look And Feel Just Like Stylish Sneakers

You'd never know these sneakers are spin shoes, with their athleisure styling in vivid colorways and bold straps. The SPD two-hole system is cleverly recessed inside the rubber sole. The mesh upper is lightweight and amply breathable, and a single strap cinch will tighten down with just one adjustment instead of having to fiddle with multiple straps or laces, although you don't get quite as custom a fit. These don't come with hardware, so pick up SPD cleats if you need them. "They do feel very much like a cycling shoe, and have a stiff hard plastic under the center of the foot, so riding out of the saddle is just fine. They have more cushioning than other cycling shoes, which I really liked. I was comfortable the entire class, more comfortable than I am normally in the Shimanos," one veteran rider was pleased to report. "I do feel the cleats on the ground when waking on asphalt and cement, however walking around my home with hardwood floors was fine. Cleat installation was SUPER easy."

  • Available colors: 7
  • Available sizes: 5 – 11


A Universally Compatible Cycling Shoe With Boa-Style Laces

These universally compatible cycling shoes offer a sole that works with both Look Delta and SPD cleats. The synthetic leather upper comes in gorgeous colorways with a reflective strip on the heel for enhanced visibility on the road in low light, with a nonslip nylon sole with locking systems that are compatible with road and mountain bikes as well as indoor equipment. A Boa-style lacing system ratchets down tightly and lets you adjust with a twist, while a Velcro strap at the midfoot gives you a bit more customization with the fit. "So far, these shoes have made me very happy...They look great, are pretty true to size and pretty comfortable. This shoe is a great buy for the money spent," one cyclist reported. Grab your favorite cleats to go with and you're ready to roll.

  • Available colors: 8
  • Available sizes: 4 – 12


These Lace-Up Mountain Bike Cycling Shoes With Lugged Outsoles

For cyclists who prefer traditional low-profile laces, the Giro Gauge W mountain bike shoe has a familiar look and feel with cutting-edge materials. They're equipped with a recessed, SPD-compatible two-hole system so you can don them indoors or out. Their mesh upper is scaffolded with proprietary stiffening for a snug yet breathable fit, with EVA foam lining the footbed for extra comfort on the trail. An injected nylon shank provides necessary stiffness in the sole, with a rubber lug sole on the outside for plenty of traction when you dismount. Although not backed by tons of Amazon reviews, this is a well-known brand making a budget-friendly shoe that also is a great pick for commuters.

  • Available colors: 4
  • Available sizes: 5 – 10.5


Also Nice: The Cleats You’ll Need To Clip In

These solid little SPD cleats come with washers and mounting bolts, plus additional plates and cleat nuts in case your shoes don’t. With 14 degrees of rotational adjustment, your foot has plenty of wiggle room to find its natural alignment on the pedal without compromising on stability. The single-direction release provides extra security, because they're less likely to slip out of place compared to multi-release cleats when you pull up on the pedal. "I put these on my expensive spin shoes and they work great. I do have to tighten them every few rides (I do intense spin class 3-4 times a week)," one regular cyclist commented, adding, "I have never installed cleats before, but I was able to install these myself...I am also able to tighten them myself and it takes maybe 30 seconds before my class. It is super easy." Grab the brand's Look Delta cleats if you need gear that’s Peloton compatible.


Worth Considering: The Best Socks To Wear With Spin Shoes

Given the specific needs of a cycling shoe, you may want to consider some socks that are ideal for riding as well. The best socks for spin shoes will be low-profile to accommodate the snug fit of your shoe, with a seamless toe and ideally a moisture-wicking fabric that features targeted ventilation. These Saucony workout socks have all of that and a heel tab, plus arch support and the tiniest amount of cushioning. "I wear these for working out and for my spin class. I wanted something that wouldn’t slip down in my sneakers and these are perfect. A good material that doesn’t make my shoes too tight, but still keeps my feet dry," one shopper commented.

  • Available colors: 16
  • Available sizes: 5 – 13 (three size ranges)