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Beyoncé Gave Country Girl Style The High-Fashion Touch On W Magazine

All hail Queen Bey.

Beyoncé really is the queen... of reinvention, that is. She’s been squarely in her Renaissance era for the past two years — which, in clothes-speak, meant “Alien Superstar” ensembles and high-shine silvers galore. However, her sartorial persona shifted drastically after announcing her new country album at the 2024 Super Bowl.

During her last era, Beyoncé dipped a cowboy boot-clad toe into Western fashion and now, with Cowboy Carter, she dove right in. Bolo ties, spurs, and cowboy hats all became regular players in her coveted wardrobe. Now that the album is finally out, she has fully embraced the country genre — both melodically and sartorially, with a 27-song tracklist and a high-fashion magazine cover.

Beyoncé’s W Magazine Cover

To coincide with the album’s March 29 release, Beyoncé graced the cover of W Magazines April 2024 issue — a rare occurrence for the elusive star. Photographed by Pamela Hanson, she wore a slew of country-inspired ’fits throughout the spread.

Since everything she touches is Beyoncé-fied (which I define as two leagues beyond “yassified”), she gave the country looks a distinct high-fashion touch. On the cover, Beyoncé wore the shaggiest Alexander McQueen coat with an oversized fluffy lapel. Save for her ivory outerwear, she wore little else, save for a cream-colored 10-gallon hat.

Beyoncé’s High-Fashion Country ’Fits

If you thought naked dresses were reserved for red carpets and runways, think again. Leaning hard into her cowboy sensibilities, Beyoncé donned a black lace style — an off-the-shoulder Gucci design — to pose in front of a haystack.

The noir number was cinched by not one, not two, but three belts all equipped with exaggerated Western buckles. She accessorized with a cowboy hat, fitted with a silver crown, and statement jewelry by Lisa Eisner.

Later in the shoot, Beyoncé wore another new favorite of hers: chaps. She’s been rocking the underwear-baring style in anticipation of Cowboy Carter and returned to the style for the shoot. She wore brown leather chaps from Sportmax and matching chocolate briefs from Andreādamo. Her most notable accouterment, however, was the rodeo-ready lasso she swung over her head.

Beyoncé mixed materials and tones in her fourth ensemble layering a cropped leather cape over a frilly ivory mini. The contrast between edgy and ethereal was palpable, thanks to the dress’ tiered sleeves. The entire ensemble — including her boots — was from Chloé.

She finished off the look with a hat and a silver bolo tie by Mahnaz Collection, which I predict will be one of the biggest jewelry trends of this year.

Her final look is perhaps her most posh, with a sophisticated air of “quiet luxury.” The monochromatic beige ’fit included a Proenza Schouler blanket draped over her like a shawl and opera gloves that looked all sorts of regal.

The styling of this dress is truly something to behold — and not because of the accessories. Instead of wearing it normally, Beyoncé folded down the bodice, turning the maxi into a textured skirt. A genius hack we could all do to try.