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Billie Eilish Freed The Nip In The Most Billie Eilish Way

It isn’t what you think.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 10: Billie Eilish attends the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted ...
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Billie Eilish is freshly off of releasing her third ever studio album entitled “HIT ME HARD AND SOFT.” The nine time Grammy-winner’s new music has been long anticipated by fans since her sophomore release in 2021. And it was all worth the wait. The second song on the album track list, ‘LUNCH’ has already been streamed 227 million times on Spotify.

The third most popular song — so far — is ‘CHIHIRO,’ which is the third track on the album. Yesterday, Eilish decided to share a behind-the-scenes video to Instagram reels (that was originally recorded on November 17th, 2022), showing herself in the process of making the song two years earlier. In it, Eilish wore a t-shirt that had a photo of a chest and nipples printed on the front. One user commented “yay b00bies” on the post.

Billie’s Faux Freed Nips

The “What Was I Made For” singer has previously been outspoken about the body shaming and unwarranted objectification that she has endured as a young female artist in the public eye. So it isn’t at all surprising that Eilish, known for her unique personal style and baggy looks, would free the nipple in the most unconventional way.

The Oscar-winning artist looked like she was totally in her element as she sang the melody that she had written for her song. If this video has showed us anything about Eilish, it’s that creating music takes time & patience and it requires not taking yourself too seriously.

The tee in question was short-sleeved with a white background. Eilish accessorized the look with silver layered necklaces and a black striped beanie.

The Infamous T-shirt

Eilish was spotted last year in January 2023 rocking the same nipple baring T-shirt as she left an LA gym. She paired the tee with a pair of brown biker shorts (that matched her top’s nipples) and a black baseball cap. Who needs a nip slip when you can just slip somebody else’s?

There’s no question that Eilish’s style is completely unapologetic and uniquely hers. I’m looking forward to seeing what other body parts she decides to wear.