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Billy Porter's Wings Just Shut Down The Emmys Red Carpet

Big bird, but make it fashion.

Billy Porter's Emmys 2021 look was just as bold and memorable as you'd expect. See his all-black, wi...
Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The 2021 Emmy Awards are finally underway. And before we head into the exciting ceremony, today’s biggest stars are battling it out on the red carpet to see whose style will reign supreme. And a major standout — Billy Porter — came just a few minutes in.

Porter is known for his extravagant, forward-thinking, jaw-dropping looks, from the most luxurious of gowns to the best tailoring around. And this season, he went for a new inspiration: Big bird, but make it fashion.

Porter arrived on the 2021 Emmys red carpet in an all-black ensemble complete with fanned wings — yes, seriously, and it is everything. Pairing a wide-leg pant with full upper body suit, he accessorized with bold diamond jewelry, from neck to wrists. The star, of course, was Porter’s wings, made custom by Ashi Studio Couture.

Was the inspiration bird of prey or feathered friend? That’s perhaps in the eye of the beholder.

Porter made sure to make his wings as theatrical as possible, fanning them on the carpet as though to dust away the haters. It was bold, powerful, and, most importantly, authentic to Porter’s style, aesthetic, and presence. Porter brings a much-needed level of joy and spectacle to every red carpet, and that’s a fact fans can always rely on.

Now to find a pair of wings of their own...

Billy Porters attends the 2021 Emmy Awards.Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images