Boy Smells Has Launched A New Summery Version Of Its Kush Candle

Plus, four other beauty goodies out this week.

Boy Smells/Osmology

Candles aren’t often associated with summer time. In fact, most of us imagine candles lit during the depths of winter, when we’re cosied up inside with the heating on and blankets galore. But there seems to be more and more light-as-air candles coming onto market, most of which are more suited to warmer months and can help create the perfect vibe in your home in spring. Boy Smells has launched a new summery version of its Kush candle, for example, which sounds like the perfect go-to for around this time.

The brand’s Kush candle is one of its all-time bestsellers, beloved for its gorgeous scent and cheeky nod to cannabis. Over the years, Boy Smells have brought out different iterations of Kush, but this latest one has to be the most exciting yet. It’s supposed to transport you to Italy with just one sniff, making it ideal for those long summer nights as the temperatures rise.

This candle isn’t the only thing that’s new in the beauty space this week, though; there’s also a divine scalp-saving set that’ll keep your locks looking fresh, as well as an eye makeup range perfect for hayfever season. Then there’s Olaplex’s long-awaited hair mask, as well as a unique hand sanitiser and cream combo product that will solve your dry skin woes.

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