10 Breathable Face Masks That You Won't Mind Wearing All Day

For your friend who doesn't like them.

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Now that cloth face masks have become a mainstay in most wardrobes since the coronavirus outbreak began in March, you’ve amassed quite the collection. You have fabrics, patterns, weights, and the like — to go with everything from sundresses to sweatpants. Now that it’s mid-Summer, however, and much of the country is well into a major heatwave, many of those chic masks just aren’t breathable enough for sitting on your patio, let alone working out. And perhaps some people are complaining about wearing masks for that reason — or worse, using it as an excuse to ditch them completely.

Well, here's some advice: When shopping for that breathable mask, material is key. You don’t want one made of, say, unlined linen — as those do little to protect yourself and others from Covid-19 — but you also want to try to shy away from heavier materials and bulky constructions that make you feel as though you’re taking in zero percent oxygen with every breath.

Thin cotton weaves, silk, lined linen, and more athletic-focused knits are what you should be seeking now, especially during the height of Summer.

Ahead, find the 10 best breathable masks, from Adidas, Urban Renewal, Gap, and more.


These masks are made from vintage fabric clippings and offer plenty of breathing room.


Opt for a clean and fresh mask that doesn't have extra bulk in construction.


Grab a pack of three of these breathable cotton face masks for yourself...or to share with friends.


A breathable mask with exercise in mind from one of the most popular sportswear brands.


Grab a pack of three in a thin cotton knit — in all the shirting patterns you love most.


A floral print mask that is lined for safety, but not too heavy.


Sustainable masks that are crafted only of excess materials to reduce waste.


Choose breathable masks that are great for work and for play AKA sitting at your computer or getting a workout in with friends.


Choose one of a multitude of preppy fabric favorites.