45 Cheap Things That'll Make You Feel Like You're Richer Than You Are

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If you’ve been coveting a more sophisticated vibe in your home, or trying to figure out how to elevate your daily routine, you’re not alone. The desire to upgrade strikes all of us, and while we all may have a slightly different definition for what constitutes an “upgrade,” it often involves buying something new. But where to start? And how do you get that luxe feeling without spending a ton of money? Thankfully, there are plenty of things that seem expensive but are actually cheap, that will give you that fancy feeling, and that won’t require you to spend a lot.

Plus, it’s my belief that no one has to know how much you paid for something — unless, of course, you’re proud of the great deal you got and choose to tell them. The idea that something has to be expensive to be good has long gone out the window, and most of us can agree that the value of something isn’t necessarily defined by a price tag, but rather, how much we can appreciate it and enjoy it (looking at you, favorite 10-year-old Mickey Mouse mug). So, enjoy the plethora of luxe, soft fabrics, and elegant, modern accessories, and skincare products that make you feel like you just spent a day at a spa, because there’s plenty to choose from here. And, the prices are so good, you might be tempted to bring a few of these babies home.


These Gold-Plated Hoop Earrings That Can Be Dressed Up & Down

A pair of chunky gold-plated hoops are practically a wardrobe staple; you can wear them day or night, with a casual outfit or formal wear. This pair is especially versatile. It comes in bling-y yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, and there are four sizes to choose from, ranging from 20 to 50 millimeters.


A Set Of Trays For Shapely Ice That Spruces Up Your Drinks

If regular ice cube trays are no longer cutting it, you may enjoy this set of silicone ice molds that create both round and perfectly square cubes. The flexible trays make it especially easy to remove the sculptural ice, and they’re also dishwasher safe. Ideal for drinks on the rocks or other bevs that befit a slow melt.


This Unique Pair Of Champagne Flutes You’ll Be Looking For Occasions To Use

These modern, stemless champagne flutes are so lovely — don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for them for water and soda and everything in between. They’re double-walled, which not only makes a visual statement, but keeps drinks cooler for longer. And, they’re even dishwasher-safe. Reviewers describe these as the “best champagne flutes EVER” and “predict [a] longer life expectancy” than the traditional stemmed versions.


These Under-Eye Masks Made With 24K Gold

Yes, you read that correctly: These eye masks are made with 24k gold. So, if you’re looking to add a little precious metal to your routine, and to soothe and refresh delicate under-eye skin, look no further. These patches come in pairs, and in just 15 minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy a spa-worthy treatment from the comfort of home.


An Elegant Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set In Many Colors

Whether you have a multi-step skin care routine in place or not, the benefits of a jade roller and gua sha are worth considering for the mix. They soothe, smooth, and offer a cooling sensation to all skin types, and can be used with or without a favorite facial oil or serum. This lovely set comes neatly packaged, and has six calming colors to choose from.


These Fluffy Slippers Made With Luxe Faux Fur

Slide your feet into these plush slippers and feel yourself instantly relax. The super sumptuous faux fur lining will keep feet warm and cozy, but not too hot, thanks to the open-toe design. With 11 colors and patterns to choose from, including two different leopard prints, and four sizes, you’ll be sure to find your perfect pair.


An Elegant Seasonal Candle In A Cute, Reusable Tin

This scented candle will instantly elevate your space with both a lovely glow and delightful fragrance. Made with vegan soy wax, it has a 20-hour burn time for you to enjoy. There are three seasonal scents to choose from — balsam & cedar, woodfire, and winter white — along with seven different sizes and styles for the tin, too.


These Pearl Sheet Masks That Elevate Your Skin Care Routine

Yes, the pearl in these pearl sheet masks is indeed the powdered form of the freshwater kind, which promises to brighten and balance the skin. Luxurious, much? Each set includes five masks, and if pearl isn’t your preferred ingredient, there are 12 others to choose from, like charcoal, honey, snail, red wine, and more.


A Himalayan Salt Lamp That Adds A Cozy, Amber Glow To Any Space

Whether you like the warm vibes or the earthy properties of a big crystal of salt, this Himalayan salt lamp will be a welcome addition to your space. Each lamp is unique, and weighs between 8—11 pounds, an ideal size for a desk, side table, bookshelf, or other surface. It has a dimmer switch too, so you can control brightness levels.


These Elegant Satin Pillowcases For An Instant Bedroom Upgrade

Whether you like the look, the feel, or the skin and hair benefits that satin pillowcases provide, this pair from Bedsure is sure to please. With four sizes and a rainbow of colors to choose from, you can easily complement your current bedding. They stay in place when in use, and they’re easy to remove for washing, too. Over 150,000 enthusiasts give these five stars.


This Pour-Over Coffee Maker For Café-Level Coffee At Home

Coffee aficionados, assemble. This pour over coffee maker brews delicious coffee in minutes, and looks nice on your counter to boot. Three sizes are available, 17-, 34, and 51-ounce, and you can choose between cork or plain black accents (all chic). Even better, it’s dishwasher-safe, so it’s a breeze to have it washed and ready in between uses.


This Matcha Face Mask For A Luxurious Skin Care Upgrade

If you’re ready to add a new power player to your skin care routine, you might want to consider this matcha green tea face mask. With matcha powder and other skincare MVPs like aloe vera and tea tree oil, it promises to tone, moisturize, and refresh skin, and draw out impurities. An applicator brush and facial sponge are included, too, for spa-worthy application made easy.


A Mattress Topper That Upgrades Your Bed & Helps Deliver A Great Night’s Sleep

Can one really put a price on a good night of sleep? Luckily you won’t have to, because this memory foam topper comes at a reasonable price point, and with a variety of options so you can get the exact boost of comfort you need. Size options range from Twin to California King, and there are 2- and 3-inch thick versions.


This Fluffy Round Rug That Makes Any Space Feel Chic & Cozy

Be warned, the sumptuously furry texture of this circle rug will have you tempted to sprawl on it all day long. It’s great for a bedroom, kids’ room, living room, or any other space you want to spruce up with softness. There are three different sizes and 16 different colors, so you can fluff-ify according to any room’s decor.


This Bluetooth Speaker That Can Go To The Beach, Pool, & Beyond

A portable Bluetooth speaker that even works in the shower? Yes, please. This cute and compact speaker promises to be waterproof (and rainproof, and snowproof), plus it has a runtime of up to 12 hours, so you’ll be able to enjoy music for a full day of outdoor adventuring. There are six sleek colors to choose from, so you’ll always be able to spot it.


A Ceramic Dish With Your Initial In Gold

This cute and compact ring dish makes a luxurious present for yourself or a lucky friend. At 4 by 5 inches, it’s the perfect size for jewelry and other favorite trinkets. The classic font choice and versatile rectangle shape give off a classic, chic vibe, and the gold accents give it a pop of elegance, too.


This Rose Facial Mist That Gives Skin An Instant Hydrating Boost

What’s more refreshing than coconut water face mist? Rose hibiscus coconut water face mist, like this formula from Herbivore Botanicals. With hyaluronic acid, which serves to hold moisture in the skin, it both softens and soothes. And the best parts? It’s suitable for all skin types, and there are no filler ingredients.


A Ceramic Diffuser That Doubles As Decorative Vase

If you’re not sure whether a new diffuser or a new decorative piece would do more to upgrade your space, consider this ceramic diffuser — it makes a stylish statement and provides an aromatic boost all at once. In addition to the fragrant and humidifying benefits, it offers timed settings and automatic shut-off, so you don’t have to worry about damage when it runs out of water, either.


A Galaxy Projector For Next-Level Celestial Ambience

This definitely is not the star lamp (or stickers) from your childhood. This delightfully dreamy sky projection light gives you a galaxy-inspired light show, complete with green stars and a nebula cloud. Plus the image rotates, and you have the ability to adjust and control brightness settings, too. Almost 30,000 people give it a perfect million — er, five-star rating.


A Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush For A Revitalizing Clean

An electric facial scrubber can completely revitalize the way you wash your face — it provides exfoliation, massage, and deep cleansing all in one. The brush bristles and head itself are ultra-hygienic silicone, and they remove up to 99% of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells for deep-down refreshment. Charging is convenient too, all you need is a USB port.


The Magical Bottle Opener That Steps Up Your Hosting Game

Unlike some other bottle-opening tools, this stainless steel automatic bottle opener catches and holds caps with a magnet. Just pop it on, push down, and presto — cap no more. The sleek design is easy on the eyes and easy to use, and hands won’t get tired even after crackin’ open a whole party’s worth of brews. It works on most beer bottles, soda bottles, and other bottles with a traditional cap.


A Matching Beanie & Scarf Set For Staying Stylish & Cozy

This scarf and beanie set is so cute, you just might consider moving to a colder climate so you can wear it every day. The hat has an adorably fuzzy pom right in the center, and the scarf is lined with fleece, so it’s extra cozy. Eight different colors are available, including speckled choices for extra fun.


This Portable Cocktail Kit That’s A Party In Your Pocket

This compact craft cocktail kit means you’ll never again be caught without the essentials for your favorite beverage. There are fixings for 17 different cocktails available, all of which are packaged in a sleek metallic tin for easy tote-ability. The only things needed are a glass and a spirit of choice.


A Memory Foam Travel Pillow That You Can Bend Or Twist To Get Just Right

This twisty travel pillow makes travel easier and more comfortable. With a memory foam core and a removable, washable cover, you can roll it up for sleep, wrap it around your neck for plane and car rides, or use it to cozy up on the couch at home. Plus, it even snaps together, so you can attach it to a bag to bring it wherever you need.


An Edison-Style Himalayan Salt Bulb For Moody Outdoor Vibes

For a warm, soothing glow, consider this Himalayan salt bulb, which you can use in any standard light fixture or socket, inside or outside. Despite its Edison look, it has an LED inside — which saves energy compared to traditional bulbs. This one can glow for up to 30,000 hours. Buyers especially loved the low, soft light it emits, whether for moodiness or for night lights.


A Delicate Eternity Band Studded With Sparkling Stones

This elegant eternity band ring has an open twist shape, and a row of zirconia gemstones that sparkles like real diamonds (minus the responsibility). It looks great stacked with other rings, or on its own. For the band, you can choose between yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, and it comes in sizes five through nine.


These Slate Appetizer Plates That You Can Label Like A Pro

This set of six mini slate cheese boards will have you dreaming up your next wine and cheese party. Each plate measures roughly 6 by 9 inches, the perfect size for apps and charcuterie. Three pieces of chalk are included, too, so you can get started practicing your labels and lettering (aka showing off your menu), as soon as they arrive.


This Pretty Jewelry Box That Keeps Valuables Safe & Secure

This transparent jewelry box has three velvet-lined drawers, and enough room for all your favorite accessories. Each drawer has a different layout of compartments and sections so you can sort and secure rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. And, it’s even stackable if you want more space for your collection.


The Contemporary Wine Rack With That Holds Up to 9 Bottles

Keep your wines looking swanky with this geometric wine rack. Its honeycomb shape holds seven bottles in the hexagonal compartments, with room for two more (even oversize) bottles on top. It comes in both gold and black, and if the geometric shape isn’t your favorite, a more compact version with six round slots is available, too.


This Sleek Over-The-Shoulder Handbag That Can Be Worn Crossbody, Too

This vintage-inspired shoulder clutch handbag comes with a long chain, so you can easily convert it to a crossbody purse should the mood strike. It’s made with durable faux leather, and is just the right size for essentials like a wallet, phone, and keys. It’s available in 14 different colors — some of which include a bold pearl chain accessory, too.


A Simple Fitness Tracker To Monitor Valuable Health Data

A no-fuss fitness tracker can be a game-changer to your daily routine. This choice, which comes with three band colors to choose from (black, olive, and orange), lets you track heart rate, steps, sleep cycle, menstrual health, and measure your blood’s oxygen saturation (ideal during workouts). It also has guided breathing exercises. Plus, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa.


These Velvet Scrunchies That Look Sweet In Your Hair Or On Your Wrist

Why use a regular scrunchie when you can use one made of velvet? This 5-pack from Kitsch comes in a variety of colors, including neutrals and blush tones, so you can be lewk-ready with some stashed in your purse, pocket, and on your wrist. If you’re not feeling the velvet option, there are sheer and sparkly fabric versions available.


This Trifold Vanity Mirror With Multiple Magnification Levels

If you like to feel like a glamorous movie star as you get ready for the day (or night), then this tri-fold lighted makeup mirror might be your new favorite thing. In addition to two standard mirror panels, it offers 2x and 3x magnification, and rotates and swivels to nearly any angle you need. And, there are six dressing-room ready colors to choose from for the frame.


This Peel-And-Stick Trim That Transforms Walls In Minutes

This flexible molding trim offers a low-effort, high-impact update to your space. It comes in strips with adhesive pre-loaded, so all you need to do is trim to your desired size, peel the backing, and place accordingly. Three colors are available (white, gold, and silver), and it’s waterproof, so you can use it in your kitchen and bathroom, too.


A Pair Of Decorative Velvet Throw Pillows For Style & Cush

Instead of buying pricey new throw pillows, you can instead buy new velvet pillow covers to update what you currently have. This set of two covers comes in a whopping 37 different hues, so you can experiment with all sorts of combinations and color schemes. There are nine size options available.


This Chic Peel-And-Stick Paper To Completely Make Over Your Surfaces

Wallpaper isn’t just for walls anymore. This peel-and-stick marble wallpaper is a great way to update, refresh, and luxe-up furniture, counter tops, tables, and OK, yes — even walls. It’s simple to install, and even comes with grid lines on the back so you can line it along edges with ease. Plus, once it’s in place, it’s durable and easy to wipe down and maintain, too.


A Round Ceramic Vase That Makes A Stylish Statement

If you love the idea of vases in your decor, but are over the same shapes and sizes that show up all over the place, then this hollow, round ceramic vase might call your name. The contemporary, minimalist design is eye-catching, yet still functional. It stands roughly 9 inches tall so you can drop in small flowers and plants to create a striking centerpiece.


This Wireless Phone Charger For Fast & Futuristic Charging

Power cables are a necessary evil, but what if you could eliminate them from your daily grind? Enter this popular wireless charger that takes up roughly the space of a coaster. It comes in black, with three choices for the accent color — black, blue, and red. It has an LED indicator light so you know the status of your device.


This Practical & Pretty Circular Mirror With Built-In Shelf

This hanging mirror and shelf is equal parts form and function, adding style to your space along with providing a place to display decor or stash essentials. It comes in both black and gold, and it’s a cinch to hang, according to buyers. Plus, if the shelf isn’t your thing, there are other geometric, shelf-free styles available, too.


This Trio Of Woven Storage Baskets That Looks Snazzy Together Or Apart

Facts are facts, if you buy a new basket, you’ll find things to fill it with. This set of three comes with coordinating baskets in unique sizes to hold a variety of products and supplies. And the best part? They’re all made with recycled paper rope, so you and your space can feel good. There are five colors to choose from.


The Chain-Link Decor That Looks Way Cooler Than Typical Shelf Trinkets

This chain link decorative piece offers a modern take to the rustic element, bringing texture and interest to your space. It’s made of wood, though, so there’s no need for massive upper body strength or concern about scuffing the furniture. At roughly 22 inches long, it can be positioned on a shelf or counter in a plethora of ways. It comes in two colors; charcoal or white.


An Easy, Breezy Tablecloth That Transforms Your Tablescape

Enhance and refresh your dining area with this tasseled tablecloth that comes in eight versatile sizes. It can be used indoors and out, and if the stripes or tassels aren’t your cup of tea, there are other patterns to consider, too (dibs on the denim blue one). It’s machine-washable, so you can pop it in the wash between uses.


This Portable Jewelry Case With Compartments For All Your Favorite Pieces

Whether you use it at home or for travel, this jewelry case is a great choice for keeping your accessories secure. It offers two layers of storage, along with snaps, slots, and sections to keep necklaces and bracelets from tangling, and for keeping pairs of earrings together. Six different patterns are available for the exterior.


A Spice-Serving Display That Makes Meals At Home Feel Like Dining Out

Every time you sprinkle salt or pepper on your meal with one of these super cute bamboo spoons, you’ll be reminded of your great taste (all puns intended). This set of glass canisters and bamboo lids comes nestled in a holder that makes a sophisticated display on any table. And, they’re super functional, too. Each lid has a notch so the little matching spoons fit right in.


A Stand For The Computer That Modernizes Your Desk Space

This computer monitor riser can lift your screen to the ideal height for comfortable and ergonomic viewing, while giving you precious storage space underneath. It works with a variety of desk setups (including the elusive corner desk), and there’s both a solid black and transparent glass option available — both very sleek.