The 10 Best Depop Accounts To Follow For '90s Fashion

High-waisted jeans, crop tops, and slip dresses abound.

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Depop is beloved for being more affordable than luxury resale sites and more curated than larger marketplaces. Sold straight from the closets of your favorite Instagram influencers, you just know that the selection is going to be good when you head to one of your favorite shops on Depop on the regular. And when you're looking for Depop accounts that sell '90s fashion, the offering is better still.

Founded in 2011, this UK-originated peer-to-peer marketplace is just the thing the internet (and your closet) has been searching for when you want a curated vintage selection. Plus, the shopping process isn’t quite as overwhelming as diving head-first into a box of retro T-shirts at your local thrift shop.

While the ’90 and ‘00s is, arguably, what Depop does best, there are still some standout shops that go above and beyond in their retro flare. Those shops sell everything from high-waisted jeans and graphic tees, to miniskirts and slip dresses.

Ahead, find the top 10 best Depop accounts for everything ‘90s. Whether you’re looking for a Rom Com-inspired dress for a night out on the town or a classic denim and graphic tee outfit, these are the Depop accounts you should be following.

If you’re after dressed-up ‘90s staples, like crushed velvet tops, miniskirts, slinky camis, and more, consider shopping from Loser Thrift when you’re browsing Depop next.

If you’re looking for a ‘90s grunge moment, look no further than iGirl. This Depop sensation sells vintage denim, graphic tees, crop tops, and plaid miniskirts alike.

Sporty staples are sold with reckless abandon on Yikes Vintage’s Depop account, specializing in everything from sporty cropped jerseys to half-zip fleeces.

412 Vintage is your one-stop shop for prints, prints, and more prints. Plaid pants? Check. Floral tops? You got it. Paisley dresses? Absolutely.

Unisex graphic tees and sweatshirts have hit their peak at GucciG11’s Depop marketplace. With Champion branded, The Hard Rock Café, and more, there’s something for everyone's style.

At It’s Jovel, crop tops, crochet tunics, Daisy Duke cutoffs and more are ripe for the picking.

If you dream of living in a ‘90s Rom Com, Totally Cool Dad is the Depop shop for you. There are slip dresses, cropped turtlenecks, and even those ruched tops that expand in to one-size-fits-all when you slip them over your head.

Maggie Kallery’s Depop store is full of basics, but they’re the basics that made ‘90s fashion what it was. High-waisted jeans, crop tops, and polo shirts abound in this retro second-hand shop.

Guvmanian’s Depop account is full of colorful one-offs that you remember from the ‘90s but haven't seen since. It’s your go-to shop for painted tops, patchwork skirts, and shearling favorites.

When you’re on the hunt for those one-offs that will make any look feel ‘90s-inspired, Uglyworldwide is the perfect Depop store to shop. Here, you’ll find everything from American Flag-painted sneakers to lime green mini dresses.