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Dua Lipa Wore The Coolest Patchwork Jeans Complete With A Pierced Crotch

Why is she so cool?

dua lipa performing in spain
Xavi Torrent/Redferns/Getty Images

Dua Lipa’s style? In a word: inimitable. She pushes boundaries. She has fun. She wears pieces no one else would dare try and she does it with ease.

Blessing 85 million Instagram feeds, the pop star took to Instagram on Tuesday to show off another quirky ‘fit that was giving heavy sk8r grl vibes. Lipa modeled a simple white tank with a twist, in the form of a cut-out tie detail along the scoop neckline. Underneath, she wore a red bikini top featuring cool chained straps that she slipped down off her shoulders, officially making bicep jewelry a thing.

Her brown patchwork jeans were inarguably the stand-out piece, boasting a hodgepodge of contrasting prints. The ultra-baggy style was stitched with vintage-y fabrics, including: polka-dots, floral print, and knit, sweater-like material. Expertly styled, as per usual, the fuzzy red squares throughout her pants perfectly matched Lipa’s crimson bikini top. She then topped off the look with a yin-yang printed hat from the trendy, London-based skate brand, Palace.

My personal favorite detail, however, is the zipper flap pierced with three silver hoops (to match her chainlink straps). I’m obsessed with the punky details and plan to pierce the crotch of my own jeans ASAP.