6 Swoon-Worthy Ear Piercing Ideas For 2021 To Try ASAP

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The six ear piercing trends you're going to see everywhere in 2021.
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Much like tattoos, piercings are another great bit of wearable art. Just look at Cardi B's gorgeous studs as proof. Plus, if you're wary of adding a permanent piece of body art with ink, piercings are the perfect option for a touch of edge. Not sure where to start? Experts are revealing ear piercing ideas for 2021 that go beyond your usual lobe or cartilage piercings and may just inspire your new spot to hang decorative jewels.

For the latest intel on what types of piercings will be popular in the new year, Bustle spoke with a slew of pros — like Brian Keith Thompson, celebrity piercer and owner of Body Electric Tattoo (and the person responsible for those Cardi B dermals), piercing artist Cassi Lopez-March of So Gold Studios in Brooklyn, and Megan Milchman, head studio nurse for Rowan Piercing Studio — who all see a wide range of trends popping up. The general theme? More is more.

From constellation-themed piercings to mismatched studs, there are several (really cute) options to mull over and add to your piercing Pinterest board. Whether you're adding to your collection or booking your very first appointment, here are six ear piercing ideas for 2021 to serve as your inspiration.



Thompson, piercer to the celebrities, says constellation ear piercings are going to be a major trend in 2021, which is a continuation of 2020's customized placement trend. "The trend for 2021 is going to be more of the constellation style of decorating the ears, [which will be popular] for at least a few more years," he tells Bustle. "It’s very rare now for me to have a client to only want one piercing at the time of their appointment." Expect to see the celestial-themed style to be everywhere next year.


Dealer's Choice

Thompson also predicts that jewelry placement will be based on the dealer's choice, which helps the client curate a specific look. "Most of the correspondence I’m getting for piercing appointments are for dealer's choice, with an average of three to four [piercings] in one sitting," he says, noting that it's a common request for clients to get help with ear design and piercing placement. It makes for a completely customized look.



Milchman sees mid-helix piercings as a major trend for 2021. While more traditional cartilage piercings are done on the upper part of the ear, the mid-helix moves it down a bit and allows for more creative space — which is exactly why she sees it as a popular trend. "The mid-helix lets you deck out the entire ear," she tells Bustle, "not just your lobes or upper cartilage."


Double Helix

The mid-helix isn't the only variation Milchman sees for 2021 — she also believes double helix piercings will be popular. They're exactly what they sound like: two helix piercings stacked closely on top of one another. "The double helix allows for unique ear art, for mix and match, or to twin out your piercings," she says.


Mismatched Earrings

Another big piercing style for 2021? Using mismatched earrings, which involves using two different styles of jewelry in each ear (or in the same lobe). Demi Lovato and Lucy Hale got new piercings together back in September, and Lovato opted for mismatched studs: one star and one crescent moon. You can have fun playing around with jewelry.



According to Lopez-March, orbitals will be major in 2021. These piercings are when one ring connects two holes, and the style's versatility is part of what makes it a popular choice. "They can be placed in the lobes or the helix with different jewelry styles," she tells Bustle, noting that you can opt for simple hoops or decorative rings depending on your style. "I do a lot in the lobe with rings that have simple, forward-facing marquise stones for a pop of color. You can even hang a chain in the back to make it extra special."

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