e.l.f's #eyeslipsfamous TikTok Challenge Wants To Make You Famous

There's also a year's worth of products involved.

Beauty brand e.l.f. is launching a new TikTok challenge for aspiring influencers.

E.l.f. is no stranger to a fun TikTok video, and the affordable beauty brand is back with an all-new challenge. Hot on the heels of its #elfmagicact, the brand is launching the e.l.f. #eyeslipsfamous challenge inspired by its popular #eyelipsface campaign.

The latest challenge brings the world of TikTok influencers to e.l.f. fans: #eyelipsfamous asks e.l.f. customers to submit videos of themselves showcasing their makeup skills. Participants should submit by Aug. 20 using the hashtag #eyelipsfamous and tagging the brand's TikTok channel. Three contestants will be chosen by celebrity judges Avani Gregg (@avani), Madi Monroe (@madi), and Seth O'Brien (@sethobrien) to participate in a new TikTok reality series created by the brand.

Winners will attend a virtual beauty camp where the celebrity judges will lead them through challenges designed to up their TikTok skills. Winners will be announced on Aug. 27, and the show will air in September on e.l.f.'s TikTok account.

Perhaps the sweetest part of the deal, though, is that the three aspiring influencers will also score a $5,000 e.l.f. sponsorship and a year's worth of products from the brand.

“Celebrating the unique beauty of every eye, lip and face is fundamental to our DNA. It’s in our name and inspires us as a company,” Kory Marchisotto, e.l.f.'s chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “With Eyes.Lips.Famous. our intention is to rise up others by elevating and amplifying the voices of our community.”