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Emma Chamberlain’s Paris Couture Week Wardrobe Was Full Of Optical Illusions

This feels right for her.

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Emma Chamberlain went to Paris for Haute Couture Week and basically every look she wore was more interesting than the one that came before it. A highlight? A checkered latex number that looked like a multi-piece skirt suit — but in reality was just one single dress. Then she went and outdid herself by following it up with a white collared button-front blouse styled as a tube top.

Chamberlain’s non-traditional wardrobe choices reminded me of how fun fashion can be if you dare not to take it so seriously. And I’m so glad she did exactly that. After all, the haute couture collections are filled with the kind of designs that could end up in a museum one day, so it was actually quite fitting that Chamberlain took the fashion-as-art route.

Emma’s Five-In-One Latex Dress

On June 24th, Chamberlain attended Thom Browne’s runway show wearing a shift dress from the label’s 2017 Spring ready-to-wear collection. The multi-colored checkered latex look, styled by Jared Ellner, was printed with a layered bow-tie, waist-coat, blazer and mini skirt on it.

The brilliant part was that the dress was not actually include any one of these fussy components. In short, the long-sleeve mini was a play on the five piece skirt suit without any of the hassle.

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The outfit also featured latex knee socks with black stripes on one leg. She accessorized further with a black handbag and matching shoes, as well as silver hoop earrings.

A Vintage Button-Down Reimagined

Two days later, in what seemed like another fashion fever dream, The YouTuber rocked an archival vintage Jean Paul Gaultier look from the designer’s Spring 2003 offerings featuring a white collared button-down and black trousers.

The top was worn unlike any buttoned blouse I have ever seen. The entire shirt was suspended in front of her torso by two white strings that tied behind her back. Since Chamberlain’s arms weren’t actually inside of the shirt, she wore a pair of leather gloves that matched her Courrèges leather tote bag that only furthered the double-take effect.

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But please don’t worry — Chamberlain doesn’t actually have four arms. I’m sure Chamberlain and Ellner will prove it the next time they show us what’s up their sleeves.