4 Easy Ways To Use Eucalyptus In Your Shower Routine

Make your bathroom an oasis.

Using eucalyptus in the shower is easy. From homemade bunches and steamers, to bath bombs and salts,...

Scroll through Insta for bathroom inspo, and you’re bound to find pictures of eucalyptus bundles hanging in chicly decorated showers. But these pretty green leaves do more than just add a vibe — adding eucalyptus to your routine actually comes with loads of benefits.

According to Melissa Murray, a certified aromatherapist and founder of Airmid Holistic, eucalyptus supports our respiratory system. Murray explains that it contains an active called eucalyptol, which is known to clear up mucus in your airways.

“If you suffer from seasonal allergies, have a cold, or any other respiratory issues, hanging eucalyptus in your shower can help with temporarily clearing up nasal congestion and reducing the inflammation that leads to coughing,” she says. “The steam from the shower will help to activate and release the oil naturally found in the eucalyptus leaves.”

Studies show that eucalyptus oil has been found to reduce discomfort. It is also antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory. She adds that the aroma has a refreshing minty scent that is uplifting and invigorating, perfect for perking you up as you shower in the morning. (As an added bonus, it also acts as a great bathroom deodorant.)

Another reason to incorporate eucalyptus into your shower routine is to elevate your bathroom space. Adding it as decor is a simple way to positively impact your mood. “Self-care is about so much more than a day at the spa or an expensive massage,” she says. “Simple acts of self-care, like adding greenery to your environment, can provide lasting mental health benefits by promoting a sense of calm and contentment. Hanging eucalyptus bundles in your shower can transform your bathroom from boring white tiles to an at-home oasis.”

Are you ready to elevate your regular, ol’ routine? Below are four easy ways to use eucalyptus in the shower.

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Hang A Eucalyptus Bundle On Your Shower Head


The most popular option is hanging a eucalyptus bundle from your shower head. After purchasing a small bundle of eucalyptus branches (you can usually find them at a flower shop or grocery store), gently roll over the leaves with a rolling pin a few times to release the oils and increase the intensity of the aroma. Remove the bottom leaves to create room to tie the ends together using something like twine. Once it’s secure, grab another piece of twine to tie it through the strands to create a loop and hang it.

Upkeep is a bit tedious, so be prepared. She says you’ll want to change the leaves anywhere from every one to four weeks, as this is the average amount of time that a fresh eucalyptus bundle stays potent in the shower.

Use A Diffuser

Murray says you’ll receive the same benefits from diffusing an essential oil as you would using fresh eucalyptus leaves and you'll also get a better idea of which type of eucalyptus you have.

She also adds that you get more oil for less money than you would from constantly having to replace a bundle, making essential oils the more economical choice.

Try A Shower Steamer

Once activated, a eucalyptus-scented shower steamer releases essential oil and fills your bathroom with the dreamiest scent.

Lather Up With Eucalyptus-Infused Hair & Body Products

If you’re only up for putting in minimal effort, opt for eucalyptus hair and body products. Something like Neom Organic’s new Super Shower Power Shampoo is all-natural and its trifecta of eucalyptus, spearmint, and rosemary creates an invigorating scent. On the hair care front, it contains nourishing apple seed oil and algae extract while giving your stands and scalp a deep cleanse.


Melissa Murray, certified aromatherapist and founder of Airmid Holistic

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