Everything You Need To Know About Beauty Pie

Retinol serum for the price of lunch? Yes please.

By Sarah Lakos

If your skincare obsessed friends haven't already raved about it, let us explain how Beauty Pie works. We'll cover off the ins and outs of this hugely popular beauty membership, answer your biggest questions and also share Beauty Pie's most popular and best reviewed products to try for yourself.

There are plenty of reasons why Beauty Pie gets such great reviews. From their snazzy packaging to stocking an extensive range of skincare, make-up and haircare products - all at up to 80% off the typical price.

Seeing as 2020 has truly been the year of home-delivery, we're very into the concept of lab-formulated beauty products delivered to your door (did we mention the massively discounted prices?).

Beauty Pie started when former founder of Soap and Glory, Marcia Kilgore had an idea to disrupt the beauty retail market. After selling Soap and Glory to Boots in 2014, the entrepreneur says the direct-to-consumer offering was her, "best idea yet". And so Beauty Pie was born in 2016 and beauty lovers remain forever in her debt.

Here's everything you need to know about Beauty Pie - it's highly likely you'll want to try it out after getting the low-down (right now, you can get your first month free).

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How does Beauty Pie work?

Amazing products at fabulous prices sounds great - but how does Beauty Pie work?

Beauty Pie gives you access to hundreds of products from 59 world leading labs. Kilgore describes Beauty Pie as a "a luxury kind of beauty co-op" on the brand's site.

Every membership fee paid into this 'beauty co-op' gives the Beauty Pie community access to the best products and formulas, straight from laboratories around the world. From super-charged, anti-ageing formulas from Switzerland to skin-perfecting foundations and highly pigmented make-up from Italy's best cosmetics factories.

You can sign up to one of four membership tiers starting from £10 a month (for a minimum of three months). Each membership tier unlocks additional spending limits and access to more 'Pie Days' throughout the year (more on that later).

Don't think you'll hit your spending limit? In this scenario, any unused spending limit rolls-over to the next month.

You can also shop Beauty Pie without a membership, however any monthly or annual membership unlocks up to 80% off typical prices.

Why are Beauty Pie member prices so low?

So why are Beauty Pie's member prices so low? There's a considerable difference between Beauty Pie standard and member prices because of the way the brand markets it's extensive range of products.

According to their Cost Transparency page, Beauty Pie don't pass on additional marketing or retailer markups in their member prices. As a member, all you're paying for is the product, packaging, product safety testing and VAT.

What is a Pie Day?

Beauty Pie's Pie Day occurs four to six times a year for monthly members. On a Pie Day, Beauty Pie allow members to shop one of their iconic products without impacting your monthly Spending Limit.

If you're lucky enough to have an annual Beauty Pie membership, you’ll receive double the number of Pie Days.

When is the next Pie Day?

So you've signed up to Beauty Pie...but when is the next Pie Day?

You will be notified when the next Pie Day is happening via an announcement on the Beauty Pie social channels and an email to your inbox (don't forget to check your junk folder incase it arrives there).

Pie Days are scheduled in relation to stock levels and coincide with your Spending Limit renewal day. When there's enough stock for everyone to purchase the chosen Pie Day product, you'll receive a personalised code to shop with via email.

What are Beauty Pie's best selling products?

Beauty Pie members have written rave reviews about these products - in a matter of months, they've reached cult-status and continue to sell out.

Now that you know everything about Beauty Pie, you might be tempted to shop up a storm starting with their top five products:


Member price: £12.06


Member price: £9.23


Member price: £6.68


Member price: £9.29


Member price: £12.11