7 Eyebrow Trends That Are Going To Be Everywhere In 2023

Brow experts Joey Healy and Michele Holmes break it all down.

From barely-there bleached arches to lamination, brow experts Joey Healy and Michele Holmes break do...
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There were quite a few eyebrow trends that caused a stir in 2022. This past year marked the return of the controversial overplucked look (some might still be recovering from being too tweezer-happy back in the early 2000s) and everyone seemed to be experimenting with bleach and color. When thinking about trends for the next year, it looks like 2023 eyebrow trends will not only embrace the trends of the past. It’s also about putting unique spins on classics and taking them to the next level.

Yes, that means thin eyebrows aren’t going anywhere any time soon. As for colored brows, you can expect to still go bold or go subtle with just a tint of color to make an impact. But don’t worry if you love your full, voluminous brows. There’s a trend (or two) that highlights thick arches.

To really get into all the deets and provide some tips on how to do these trends on your own, Joey Healy, celebrity brow artist and founder of Joey Healy Brows, and Michele Holmes, brow expert and founder of Michele Holmes Studio, break down the seven 2023 eyebrow trends that you’re going to see everywhere.

Y2K Aesthetic

Long live anything Y2K-related — but both experts say that “thin brows” that haunt those old enough to remember the over tweezing that occurred in the early aughts are not the same ones that will be trending come 2023. Expect something a lot more tailored. “I think that the skinny brow trend is more of a shocking headline that gets people’s attention,” says Healy. “What we’re really seeing at the studios are people that want a brow that does feel more lifted and engineered. So, we will definitely be seeing brows that are more tailored and tight.”

Holmes agrees. “Back in actual Y2K era, we would tweeze or wax our brows and then draw them back in super skinny with a pencil,” she says. “Nowadays you can replicate this look without damaging your brows.”

To get the look, she says to start by brushing your eyebrows into a smaller shape. Then, push the upper arch downward and smooth all the hairs down before tapering the tail to a fine point. Next, fill in the brow area with a powder or a pencil to clean everything up. Healy says to use something like his Pro Sculpting Tweezer for shaping a tighter brow.

Jewel-Toned Eyebrows

Go bold or go home. Holmes predicts that colored, jewel-toned brows will be everywhere next year. As for which colors, it’s really up to you and what you like. “Any color,” she says. “Sky is the limit.”

She recommends using something like the KVD Super Pomade Eyeliner, Shadow, & Brow Pigment. It comes in 16 pigmented colors and stays on for hours, making it one of the easiest 2023 eyebrow trends to get into.

Soft Color Tints

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Speaking of color, a simple tint will still be on trend if you’re not ready to go all out with a vibrant blue or purple. “This is people having a little more fun with their brow outside of just filling it in with hair-matching tones. So, we will be seeing things like on the runway, where those kinds of people are having colorful eyebrows,” says Healy. “I think that this is also an extension of years ago where people had unicorn or mermaid hair. Now, this is seen in a much more compact, subtle way in their brows.”

He says this can be accomplished by using eyeshadow and underlining beneath your brows where you normally would put highlighter. Opt for a something like a soft lavender to make a statement that isn’t too overpowering. “It doesn’t mean you have to dye your brow hair purple or fill in your brows neon purple. But just taking a little bit of color and making a little stroke under the brow would look really pretty if you’re wanting to take more of a risk,” he says.

Bleached Eyebrows

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If you haven’t tired of the bleached brow look, you’re in luck. Holmes says this trend will continue to flood FYP in 2023. While it’s recommended you go to a professional, there are a few options for those who would rather DIY at home.

She recommends something like the Brite No Bleach Kit that gently lifts your natural color so that they appear lighter. She says that you have to keep in mind that it might take multiple sessions to lighten dark brows, so don’t worry if you have try a second (or third) round to get them that bleached color. (You’ll also want to protect skin from harsh bleach with something like Vaseline beforehand and to use a deep conditioning treatment afterwards to keep the hairs healthy).

If you’re too scared to commit to the chemical process, Holmes says you can use heavy concealer on your brows and finish with a white brow mascara to “fake” the bleach.

Eyebrow Transplants

Holmes says everyone will want to know about brow transplants, which is a procedure where real hair follicles from the back of your own hair line are implanted to give you fuller, natural-looking brows. “Real follicle transplants can give you back the brows of your dreams,” she says.

Laminated Shine

Laminated brows will remain a staple for 2023, according to Holmes. “The laminated brow is lifted, fluffy, and good for most brow types,” she says. While she says you could try an at-home lamination kit, she does recommend seeking a professional to set your arches into a shape that is best suited for your face shape.

All Fluffed-Up

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Add some fluff and volume to your brows for 2023. Holmes says it’s super easy to do yourself. Start by using a strong hold brow gel or wax, then grab a spoolie to brush hairs up and set them into the desired lifted shape. Next, fill in your brows with a pencil, pomade, or brow pen with hair-like strokes to make them look more natural. She says these brows shouldn’t look solid and that a little space between the real hairs and the drawn-in ones with complement each other quite nicely.