OK, This Fake Freckle Hack From TikTok Is Actually Genius

Right this way for effortless French beauty vibes.

This fake freckles makeup trick from TikTok makes them look way more real, thanks to the softness.

It’s no secret that freckles (both faux and natural) are having their moment on BeautyTok, with various unique hacks aiming to achieve realistic-looking fake freckles possible for those who aren’t blessed with the stunning facial feature. Some are using L’Oréal Paris’ Magic Root Touch Up Spray to create the look, while others are reaching for semi-permanent henna to get the job done with more long lasting results — and both, admittedly, have pretty mixed reviews.

The newest hack, however, may be the easiest way to nail down the look — and what seems like the most low-key, fool proof technique on TikTok yet. All you need? A brown-hued liquid eyeliner, any makeup setting spray or face mist you may have on hand, and your fingertips. Seriously.

The Paris-based TikToker and pro makeup artist (@FrenchTouchOfMakeup to her followers) is known for her oh so French approach to beauty, and her latest hack is the perfect example of just that. In her recent faux freckle tutorial, she applies imperfect dots on the tips of her 3 middle fingers in a very haphazardly fashion. Quickly thereafter, she spritzes some setting spray all over the drawn-on dots, before patting the product onto her cheeks and the bridge of her nose.

The result is an impossibly natural, faux freckled complexion that looks as if you have no makeup on at all (and in just a few short moments, at that).