Gabi Fresh's Favorite Picks From Her New Lingerie Collection

It goes up to size 44K.

Gabi Fresh Playful Promises Size Inclusive Lingerie Collection
Courtesy of Playful Promises

Could your lingerie drawer use a little TLC? Influencer extraordinaire Gabi Fresh (aka Gabi Gregg) is here to help with her latest Playful Promises collaboration, which features a diverse assortment of intimates, from neon bras to polka dot briefs.

“It’s our third year together, and it’s been a really successful collaboration thus far,” Gregg tells Bustle. “The reason I’ve loved working with them from the beginning is that they have such a great eye. They’re willing to push the envelope when it comes to design aesthetics for all sizes.”

For the collection launch, Gregg envisioned a minimalist, stripped-down photo shoot. It was her first time returning to set since the coronavirus pandemic began, so she was especially aware of putting safety first and following proper social distancing protocols.

To avoid having a hair stylist and makeup artist on set, Gregg took matters into her own hands — literally.

“I just took scissors to my hair in my bathroom mirror like super late the night before,” she reveals. “I knew that based on the location and how gorgeous it was, [the shoot] really didn’t need a lot in terms of production value. That’s one of the reasons I shaved [my hair]. And then I did my own makeup.”

The end result: a chic, elegant campaign that Gregg couldn’t be happier with. Ahead, she shares her favorite pieces from her quickly-selling-out collection.


“We’ve really tried to continuously make sure that fun details and bright colors are available. The neon green is one of my favorites.”


“I really love the polka dot off-the-shoulder detail, which I have never done before in lingerie. I’ve actually never bought anything like that in my size in lingerie, so it’s really great to continue to push the envelope in that way.”


“When I first started this collaboration with Playful Promises, I didn’t do bralettes because as someone with a bigger bust, I assumed people wanted more structure and support,” Gregg shares. “Those have done well, but my audience asked me to start making bralettes. We’re bringing them back because especially now, people like to wear lingerie as loungewear too, so they don’t always need and want that support and structure.”


“I love putting on lingerie, looking in the mirror, feeling cute, and dancing around my living room,” Gregg says. “Especially when you have been denied access to lingerie for so many years, to finally get lingerie that feels good on your body, that fits you, and is super sexy and stylish, that is all about celebrating yourself in your own body.”


“I want people to feel confident and sexy. I love the feeling of putting something on that fits and makes you immediately feel confident, and I hope this collection does that.”