Gap's New '90s-Inspired Commercial Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day

It's a nod to their iconic "Khaki Soul" ads.

Courtesy of Gap

Gap is throwing it back to the ‘90s with their latest ad, which debuted during Game 4 of the NBA Finals. With Sonder's "Too Fast" playing in the background, Lil Buck and Myles Yachts perform an improvised dance, one clad in a purple sweatsuit and the other in a hunter green hoodie and jeans, all designed by the brand.

It's a nod to their 1999 "Khaki Soul" commercial that was filled with dancers performing in an all-white room, in front of no one but the camera itself. In the now-iconic ad, everyone wore khakis, showing the versatility and movement of the wardrobe staple, but also embodying the joy and optimism of the era.

Shot by photographer and director Christian Weber, the 2020 version is a worthy successor to "Khaki Soul," driving home the heritage of the brand and proving that their iconic pieces are still just as coveted today. It speaks to the nostalgia of the current times, as '90s fashion trends, movies, and sitcoms experience renewed popularity almost 20 years later.

Though there are 30 and 60-second clips of the duo dancing — perfectly timed for the TikTok generation — it is perhaps the five-minute version below that’s the most mesmerizing.

If you’re looking for a little nostalgia coupled with some outfit inspo, check out the latest Gap commercial, featuring Buck and Yachts ahead.