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Ginny & Georgia Star Antonia Gentry Talks Season 2 Fashion

And her latest collab with Aerie.

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'Ginny & Georgia' star Antonia Gentry opens up about the fashion in Season 2 of the hit show and her...

Antonia Gentry, the star of Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia, doesn’t always understand her character Ginny Miller’s fashion choices.

“Ginny wears a lot of things that don’t really make sense,” Gentry tells Bustle, laughing. “But it’s fine. We’re pulling her together for season two.”

For season one, Ginny’s wardrobe had “a journey,” according to Gentry. Her fashion was intended to be an extension of her emotions.

“In the beginning, you see her covering herself up and not really wanting to be noticed,” Gentry says. “And then when she gets friends, you see her starting to change and dress more like her friends to try to fit in.”

With season two, the 23-year-old actress plans to work closely with the show’s costume designer, Bernadette Croft, to bring out “a new Ginny.”

“[She] has a new sense of confidence in herself,” Gentry says. “So, she’s not too afraid of standing out. And I think that would be really fun to play with.”

Tapping into your confidence is a theme in Gentry’s life both on and off screen. She’s one of the faces of the new #AerieREAL Voices campaign from Aerie, a brand that pledged to use only un-retouched photos in advertising, starting back in 2014.

“I have always been a fan of Aerie, even when I was in school,” she says. “What I really like is that they embrace real bodies. That makes me feel a lot more comfortable when I’m out buying clothes — to know that we all acknowledge women’s real bodies and celebrate that too.”

When she’s not relaxing in Aerie’s cozy everyday essentials — “I’m obsessed with their bralettes,” Gentry says — she loves to take a cue from Ginny and channel a casual, edgy Fall look.

Ahead, Gentry walks Bustle through the Ginny-approved trends she plans to wear (and avoid) this season.


Striped Babydoll Tees


“They can look good on some people, but not on me. I’m not a fan of stripes for myself. People wear it really well, but it’s not something I wear. I don’t have any stripes in my closet — not my thing. Baby tees, they’re still pretty cute. It depends.”


Plaid Pants


“Plaid pants are fantastic. In fact, I just [got] a new pair of plaid pants. What’s so fun about them is they have multiple colors usually, so you can just pick a color out of your pants to throw on an accessory or something, and suddenly you have a functional outfit. But for me, once you go with one pattern, you might as well go with many others.”


Spaghetti Strap Tank Tops


“Because I have small shoulders, I like anything that kind of elongates my collarbone. Also, it gets really hot in the South. I’m from Atlanta, so spaghetti straps are a must-have in my closet. You can throw spaghetti straps over like a turtleneck for the fall or underneath a cardigan. It’s great.”


Chunky Turtleneck Sweaters


“I absolutely love [and] adore chunky turtleneck sweaters. In fact, I wish I could live in a climate that was only winter so I can only wear turtleneck sweaters. I like a cropped chunky turtleneck sweater. I would wear that with some high-waisted jeans, or tights and a skirt with boots.”


Converse Sneakers


“When I was in middle school and late elementary school, I had so many pairs of different colored Converses. I would wear like a red pair on my right foot and yellow on my left because I thought I was really cool. I’m especially excited to try on the new Converse styles, like the chunky soles. Platforms are a must for me because I’m like 5-feet tall. So I’m really happy Converse are still in style. They’re a classic item.”

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