Glossier’s First Eyeshadow Palette Lets You Customise Your Go-To Shade

Plus, other beauty announcements to watch out for this week.

This week, the millennial go-to beauty brand Glossier – responsible for cult products such as Boy Brow and Cloud Paint – has introduced its first ever eyeshadow palette.

Named Monochromes, each refillable palette offers three different finishes to the same shade – matte, metallic, or satin – meaning you can customise your favourite colour depending on what kind of look you’re after.

There are ten shades overall: Clay, a rich terracotta; Bluff, a pale, peachy pink; Heather, a neutral rose; Mist, a cool lilac; Jute, a soft taupe; Almond, a rosey brown; Prairie, a rich olive; Rosin, a golden yellow; Mesa, a warm orange; and Take, a warm chocolate brown. All the shades are vegan and formulated without talc, meaning it won’t fall all over your face. Ideal.

These new Glossier eyeshadows have already graced the faces of Naomi Osaka and Olivia Rodrigo, and now it’s time for us to give it a go too – even though we don’t have a Met Gala to attend.

Elsewhere this week, Garnier has introduced a new and improved formula for its signature BB Cream that promises to leave you with fresher, smoother skin and Bare by Vogue Williams has launched a body illuminator. Plus, Selfmade Candles has come out with a Pumpkin Spice Candle Making Kit that is guaranteed to keep you busy on a cold autumn evening.

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