8 Hair Ties That Look Like Bracelets

Pretty and practical in tons of styles and colors.

Written by Jenny White
 8 Hair Ties That Look Like Bracelets
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If you’re anything like me, you wear a hair tie on your wrist 99% of the time. Ordinary hair ties are functional, but these hair ties that look like bracelets are a fashionable upgrade. From gym-ready picks to dressier looks for work or going out, there are options in every color and style imaginable.

When it comes to function, your biggest consideration is going to be material. Most hair ties are made from elastic, which stretches to accommodate different hair thicknesses and types, and can be worn comfortably on your wrist, too. The downside? It can sometimes damage your hair or create annoying creases. A spiral hair tie won’t leave behind indentations and the material can stretch to accommodate thicker hair and most types. They can get stretched out over time with heavy use — especially when worn on your wrist for a while. (Pro tip: A blow dryer can help to shrink them back to their original size.) Finally, hair ties made from fabrics like microfiber are soft and comfortable. Plus, they’re often machine washable, making them a great pick for the gym.

Hair ties that can be mistaken for bracelets often have added features or adornments that make them look even more like a bracelet. There are picks covered in pearls, ties in fun prints, options with small beads, and more to choose from — there’s even a bracelet that can hold the plain hair ties you already own. Others have woven or braided material to make it look even more like a real bracelet.

Shop The Best Hair Ties That Look Like Bracelets

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best hair ties that look like bracelets:

  1. A Set Of Durable Hair Ties That Reviewers Say Are Worth Every Penny: L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holders
  2. A Pack Of Spiral Hair Ties With More than 40,000 5-Star Reviews: Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties
  3. A Pack Of Dressier Hair Ties In Neutrals: Xiwstar Beaded Hair Ties
  4. A Set Of Woven Soulvation Hair Ties: Soulvation Hair Tie Bracelets
  5. A Pack Of Machine-Washable Hair Ties That Are Perfect For Workouts: GIMME Bands Thick Fit Hair Ties
  6. A Bulk Set Of Multi-Color Hair Ties For Less Than $10: SUSULU Braided Elastic Hair Ties
  7. A Pack Of Ribbon-Style Hair Ties In Fun Patterns: 79STYLE Elastic Hair Ties
  8. A Pair Of Beaded Hair Ties: By Lilla Shaker Hair Ties

Boring hair ties no more! The eight hair ties on this list could easily be confused for bracelets — Amazon reviewers confirm it.

1. A Set Of Durable Hair Ties That Reviewers Say Are Worth Every Penny

When a product boasts a near-perfect overall rating on Amazon after 3,000-plus reviews, you know it has to be good. And that’s the case for these L. Erickson hair ties. One commenter went so far as to rave, “They are worth every cent: [functional], long lasting, look great and come in a variety of colors.” The hair ties are made from a thick, woven elastic material and each one has a small bead on it that further ups the bracelet vibe. They’re suitable for all hair types.

These ponytail holders come in lots of color options, including metallics, brights, and neutrals. Once you inevitably fall in love with this pick, there are larger sets available.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I absolutely love these for my hair and for my daughter's hair as they stay put and are easy to take out. They are thick and comfortable. I always have one around my wrist to pull my hair back throughout the work day and I have gotten compliments that my "bracelets" are so pretty!”

Made From: Woven elastic | Available Colors: 22

2. A Pack Of Spiral Hair Ties With More than 40,000 5-Star Reviews

These spiral hair ties are another incredibly popular pick on Amazon — rocking a 4.5-star rating overall after 59,000-plus reviews. Fans love that they don’t leave behind any bumps or indents in the hair. The spiral ties are 1.5 inches in diameter, but they’re incredibly stretchy to accommodate most hair types and thicknesses. Another perk? Because they’re waterproof, you can wear them while swimming, bathing, working out, and more.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Love these hair ties! My hair is thin so a lot of hair clips etc do not stay put. I conveniently wear this on my wrist like a bracelet until I need to pull my hair back. Holds my hair in place and does not pull or leave crimp marks. Coil holds shape too!”

Made From: Plastic | Available Colors: 5

3. A Pack Of Dressier Hair Ties In Pretty Neutrals

Covered in artificial pearls, these elastic hair ties are positively stunning, and they can easily make any outfit look a little dressier. The base of the hair ties is elastic, which has a good amount of stretch to accommodate different hair thicknesses and types.

There’s only one set available, but it includes hair ties in lots of neutral colors like white, gold, silver, black, and more, so you can always find a match for your outfit.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I was surprised by how sturdy these are. They really hold your hair in place so you don’t have to use another ponytail holder first. My hair is long, thin, and slightly wavy. These are stylish when you want to dress up your look and they go well with everyday styles too!”

Made From: Elastic, artificial pearls | Available Colors: 1

4. A Set Of Woven Elastic Hair Ties

Featuring a woven design, these Soulvation hair ties will definitely trick people into thinking they’re bracelets — they’re just that gorgeous. The hair ties are made from elastic, and they’re stretchy enough to work for most hair types and textures. The set includes warm shades like orange, tan, and burgundy.

One Reviewer Wrote: “These look like cute bracelets on your wrist, and also work great to tie up my thick long hair. They don’t rip hair out when you take your hair out either. Stretchy enough to tie around my very thick hair twice. Definitely would recommend.”

Made From: Woven elastic | Available Colors: 1

5. A Pack Of Machine-Washable Hair Ties That Are Perfect For Workouts

Made from soft microfiber, these thick hair ties won’t cause any damage or dents to your strands. They will hold your hair in place all day long — even during workouts or strenuous activities, which is when many Amazon reviewers choose to wear them. Plus, they’re machine-washable to ensure they always stay in tip-top shape.

Reviewers commented that these hair bands are suitable for all hair types, though if you have thinner or shorter hair, you will likely have to wrap them around your pony several times due to their thickness.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Buy these!! My hair is really heavy but soft so a lot of hair bands slide out of my hair unless I wrap them 3 or 4 times which gives me a headache. I only have to wrap these twice and they don’t leave a line when I take it down! I love the colors I just keep one on my wrist at all times so they make great bracelets too.”

Made From: Microfiber | Available Colors: 10

6. A Set Of 100 Multi-Color Hair Ties For Less Than $10

It’s hard to beat the price of these braided hair ties. For less than $10, this pack contains 100 of them in a wide variety of eye-catching hues — there’s always going to be a hair tie that’ll vibe with your outfit. Made from stretchy elastic, the hair ties have a 1.8-inch diameter that’s best for medium to thick hair, but they can be wrapped additional times for thinner ponytails.

One Reviewer Wrote: “These hold your hair up better than any hair tie out there. They are also such fun colors, my daughter uses them as bracelets and hands them out to her friends. Great purchase!”

Made From: Braided elastic | Available Colors: 1

7. A Pack Of Ribbon-Style Hair Ties In Fun Patterns

This set of ribbon hair ties comes with 46 options in lots of fun printed designs; there are florals, polka dots, animal prints, chevron, stars, and more. The hair ties are soft on hair (they won’t cause any creases, nor get caught in your locks during removal), yet strong enough to keep your hair up for as long as you want. At four inches in length and because they’re so stretchy, the hair ties will work for all hair thicknesses, including very thick hair. The stretchiness also makes them super comfortable to wear on your wrist. There is a pack of solid colors available as well.

One Reviewer Wrote: “So cute and I can match them to my outfits! Worth it! There are so many and it's a great value for your money.”

Made From: Cotton, elastic | Available Colors: 12

8. A Pair Of Beaded Hair Ties

Minimal and dainty, these beaded hair ties from By Lilla would look beautiful worn on their own on your wrist or even stacked with other bracelets. The hair ties feature silver-plated beads, and they’re made from a stretchy elastic that’ll accommodate most hair types and lengths. They’re available in several other pretty colors, including a set with gold beads.

One Reviewer Wrote: “These hair ties look like bracelets. I like to have a way to pull my hair up in a ponytail at anytime since I live in a warm climate. Carrying these ties around my wrist look better than just having plain bands.”

Made From: Elastic, silver-plated metal | Available Colors: 5

Also Nice: These Sleek Bracelets That Can Hold A Hair Tie

If you want to get use out of your plain hair ties but still want something that looks cute on your wrist, this hair band bracelet is a good compromise. The bangle-style bracelet securely holds one hair band: Slide the bracelet on your wrist and wrap your tie around the groove. The sleek and stylish bracelet is made from stainless steel (it’s nickel-free), and it comes in several finishes as well as options with one, two, or four bracelets.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I am the kind of girl that ALWAYS has a ponytail holder on my wrist, even when I already have one in my head I have an extra one on my wrist. The problem is I always have those painfully tight ones [...] This pack of wrist protectors are a lifesaver! They are easy to put on and keep on, they look great and with the different color options they match my outfits. AND they don't look cheap. I can even have my ponytail holders when I am dressed up bc the metallic color finishes match my jewelry.”

Made From: Stainless steel | Available Colors: 10