11 Super-Cute Holiday Hairstyle Ideas For Short Hair

And they're *actually* easy to do.

by Emily McClure and Shea Simmons
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11 super-cute holiday hairstyles for those with shorter hair.
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Makeup? Check. Outfit? Check. Hair? Not so much. Figuring out the perfect holiday hairstyles for short hair can be daunting. With intricate up-dos, long waves, and ultra-lengthy ponytails seeming to dominate the Internet, inspo for short hair holiday styles is slim. Don't worry, though — this is what YouTube tutorials (and a couple of Bustle's key experts) are here for.

No matter what your hair type or short length is, there's an option for your festive 'do. Whether that's braids, incorporating accessories into your look — a recommendation from celebrity hairstylist and brand owner Kim Kimble — or twisting your lengths into a messy but chic short hair updo (as Nine Zero One hairstylist Sierra Kener suggests) there's no shortage of ways to don a cool (and easy) short holiday hair look.

If you want some inspiration and how-tos, check out these 11 super-cute, easy holiday hairstyles for short hair that'll have you rocking your best beauty look this season... even if you're just attending a Zoom party.

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1. A Voluminous Fauxhawk

For those who are trying to avoid too much heat styling, YouTuber Alyssa Marie's pseudo-fauxhawk look is perfect. Alyssa reveals her own take on the pineapple technique, which involves placing hair into a high pony that looks like, well, a pineapple.

To get her look, Alyssa first spritzes on some Kinky Curly's Curling Custard, applying it on all the edges of her hair (including the back). She then gathers her curls into a high ponytail and loosely places a large ponytail holder around it so that the top is more voluminous. Then she pulls down pieces of her hair to give herself a fringe that she says makes the 'do have an edgy fauxhawk vibe.

2. Creative Accessories

YouTuber AseaMae has a great example of a short hair holiday style, and it's a look that celebrity hairstylist (Beyonce's hairstylist, FYI) Kim Kimble recommends if you have shorter lengths this holiday season. Her take? It's all about the accessories.

Kimble tells Bustle they're a great option if you have short hair and recommends adding a few, focusing on adding definition and shine that complete the look. "Work the product through the hair so it has definition and shine," she recommends. "Then add some sparkly clips, rhinestone barrettes, or a fun metallic headband."

That's exactly what Asea does in her video. Rather than your more typical accessories, though, she has the genius idea of gluing tiny holiday trinkets (like presents, wreaths, and bows) to bobby pins and using them as festive touches, which fit perfectly with Kimble's recommendation — so you can get creative with what you use.

3. Side Combs

YouTuber DisIsReyRey uses golden embellishments and side combs for a festive look on her short hair. To get the look, she preps her hair with a DIY mixture of water, conditioner, and oil to infuse her strands with moisture and to add extra shine. Next, she uses a comb to create a side part before sectioning off a square area. She then creates five small pigtails and joins them together before adding golden rings. Finally, she inserts combs to keep her hair held in place. On the other side, she picks up a section of hair and twists it back away from her face before securing it with gold bobby pins to match the other side.

4. Braided Bun

YouTuber Milabu provides three short holiday hairstyles in this video, but her braided bun 'do might be the most fun. To get the look, she uses a hair donut (yes, straight out of your '90s dance class) and the bottom section of her hair to create a bun at the base of her neck. Next, she lets down the top half of her hair and sections out two pieces in the front that will be left down. Then, she starts created a dutch braid that runs away from her face and toward the low bun and secures it with a clear ponytail holder. She then repeats the same thing to her other side.

Once done, she begins to carefully pull apart the braids to provide added fullness to the style. To finish it off, she tucks the ends of the braids beneath the bun, and voila — one easy updo for short hair.

5. Braided Tiara

For those looking for a more simple braided look, YouTuber Kayley Melissa has created a tiara-style that's perfect. She starts with her hair already curled, then grabs a section of hair above and behind her ear to braid all the way down before securing it with a bobby pin. Once it's secured, she pulls it apart for added volume.

Once finished, she pulls the braid to the other side of her head and pins it in place. Then, she takes the hair around where she just pinned, creates a new braid, and wraps it around to the back of her head before pinning it in place. To finish the 'do, she creates a second braid on the side where she originally started the hairstyle, pulls it apart, and wraps it around the back to join the other for the illusion of a braided tiara — which happens to be incredibly chic and festive.

6. Half-Up Bow

YouTuber Alanna Durkovich may have one of the easiest short hair looks for the holiday season. She starts out with her hair already in messy curls and gathers a section of hair at the crown. She then takes a comb and teases up the section for more volume. Next, she gathers a few pieces from the front and creates a half-up, half-down ponytail look. For a festive (and really cute) element, she uses a red ribbon to tie a bow around the elastic. Boom — it's the perfect look for short, holiday-ready hair.

7. French Twist

YouTuber Milabu's French twist uses a Conair hair tool, and is exactly the kind of short hair holiday style that Nine Zero One hairstylist Sierra Kener recommends. She calls her look the "model off-duty twist," and to achieve it, Kener says to start with dry hair with a clean part. If you want extra volume, she suggests using a curling wand to create some waves. Next, apply some texture spray (she recommends In Common's Magic Myst) to the hair. Then, gather your hair and roll it up the back of your head, tucking in the ends. Then, using bobby pins, secure the twist. As a final touch, pull a few ends out to frame your face.

8. High Bun

YouTuber Jordan Lipscombe has the perfect look for those who either don't want to curl their hair or have their hair permanently straightened: the high bun. To get the look, Lipscombe starts with straightened hair, then gathers it on top of her head. She starts making a high pony, but on the final wrap of the holder pulls through only about a third of her hair to create a loop. Next, she loosens up the loop to give it some texture and pulls back small sections of the side, tucking them under the ponytail holder. Finally, using the hair that was left out of the pony, she wraps the base of the bun and pins it in place.

9. Side Twists

Chev B offers a quick, easy look for curlier short hair, which involves a row of chic side twists. Begin with just-washed hair that's still wet, since it's easier to work with. She recommends spraying a leave-in conditioner, followed by a hair oil — she prefers avocado-based — to smooth the hair before styling. To prepare for the twists, she uses a comb to create a section on the side, where she then twists small sections fo hair from the front and halfway towards the back of the head. Tie these sections down with a rubber band, and do about four twists on each side, tying them each down.

Then, apply water to the top of your hair and apply a curl cream for more easy styling. Add more flat twists in the front, then, once it's all pulled into sections, apply oil all over the scalp to keep it moisturized. Once you're finished, pull out the twists on top, unraveling in the same way they were twirled. Use a wide-tooth comb to fluff out these sections for more volume, then apply some hair gel if you're experiencing any frizz. Then you're good to go with your short hair holiday 'do.

10. Low, Messy Pony

This one might be the easiest short hairstyle yet: a low, purposefully messy pony. Though YouTuber Chloe Brown reveals a whopping 10 short hair looks in this vid, the low ponytail is the lowest lift (but it's still super-cute). If you prefer some texture, you can use a curling iron or straightener to create loose waves, then use a hair-tie or scrunchie (your choice) to tie your hair back behind your neck into a low ponytail. Pull out some pieces of hair on the sides of your face for more of an undone feel, but note that the idea is to look perfectly messy, so no need to worry about whether you're doing it correctly or not (which is the best part about it).

11. '60s Flip

If you're a beginner-level DIY hairstylist, try YouTuber Charlie Sulewski's super-simple '60s-style hair flip — which is a fave holiday style of Laura Polko, celebrity hairstylist. All you need to do? First off, use a heat protectant — Polko likes Noughty's To The Rescue Serum — to your hair before using your straightener. Then, section off your hair (she suggests two-inch sections), and use your flat iron to straighten your hair, then use the wand to flip your ends out. Sulewski prefers tucking her hair behind her ears for this look for a more youthful vibe. Finish it off by spritzing your ends with some texturizing spray to hold the style in place. You can also add a headband to the look if you want an added touch of glamour.

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