10/10 Recommend

I Tried Sofia Richie Grainge’s Favorite Skin Tint & I’m Never Going Back

It lives up to the hype.

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10/10 Recommend
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Sofia Richie Grainge broke the Internet with her wedding at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc earlier this year and brought the concept of #stealthwealth to the masses, one embroidered Chanel frock at a time. Her wedding makeup look was softly flushed, peach-tinted and perfect, thanks to the mastery of makeup artist Patti Dubroff (and Richie Grainge’s impeccable bone structure). That, along with her viral TikTok GRWM videos, have catapulted her into the much-hallowed sphere of newly-crowned beauty icon, so when I found out she was the face of Hourglass’s new Veil Hydrating Skin Tint — a beauty brand she’s mentioned organically in her TikToks many times over — I was intrigued.

I met with Richie Grainge in front of the crashing waves at Little Beach House Malibu to hear about her love of the product firsthand, but honestly, just one look at her skin was enough to convince me I needed this tint in my life, like, yesterday. Perched on a plush couch overlooking the ocean in a pristine-white Loewe ballerina dress, Richie Grainge had the incandescent glow of someone who drinks eight glasses of water a day without even trying. Sure, some of it probably has to do with the fact that she’s 24 years old and has yet to experience collagen loss, but Richie Grainge was insistent that the Hourglass Veil Hydrating Skin Tint should take credit, swearing it was the one product she uses every day before leaving the house.

Obviously, I immediately slathered it on my face the next morning — and haven’t stopped using it since. Read on for my full review.

Fast Facts:

  • Price: $49
  • Best for: All skin types if you like a natural glow
  • Your rating: 5/5
  • Brand: Hourglass
  • Clean/Cruelty-Free: Yes
  • What we like: Seamless coverage and hydrating
  • What we don't like: A splurge (but worth it)

My Skin:

My skin and I have a complicated relationship. Most of the time, it behaves — but, like a teenager acting out, there will be days when I wake up to a face full of congested pores, bumpy texture, and bouts of acne. However, I prefer a light coverage from my face makeup for daytime, so I’m always looking for products that will smooth out my pores and blur out any bumps and unevenness with little-to-no effort — all while making my skin look like I just #wokeuplikethis. I know it’s a lot to ask from a makeup product, but what can I say? I have high standards.

Hourglass Veil Hydrating Skin Tint

Beyond just having Richie Grainge’s stamp of approval, Hourglass is a brand I’ve loved for years. To me, the brand is the true definition of (quiet) luxury — everything from the unique-yet-classic packaging, high-quality ingredients, and innovative textures (the brand’s TikTok-viral Volumizing Glossy Balm is a desert-island pick) makes every product worthy of its higher price tag.

Thus, I had high expectations for this skin tint, housed in an unassuming white tube and chic gold lid. It makes grand claims, promising to “boost skin’s moisture levels by 52%” with its formula made of “94% naturally-derived ingredients.” I did a glance at its ingredients list and liked what I saw: hyaluronic acid to draw in moisture, plus a cocktail of plant-derived squalane and meadowfoam seed oil, and even the exotic fruit rambutan — all scientifically proven to soothe, moisturize and protect the skin. I also like that it’s formulated without pore-clogging mineral oils, while being clean and cruelty-free.

Faith Xue

The Results

In short: It was love at first swipe. I eschew brushes as much as possible in my beauty routine because I’m lazy — er, efficient — so I applied the product directly to my skin after warming it up with my fingers. (Shade-wise, I’m a bit tanner than usual after a few weeks in Europe, so shade 7 matched my skin perfectly.) Magically before my eyes, my skin became smoother, more even-toned, and overall more Grainge Richie-esque. The pesky large pores around my T-zone immediately vanished, and the breakout on my forehead faded into the background like an extra on set, while my glowing skin shone through for a main character moment.

The thing that sets this skin tint apart from others — and there are hundreds, many of which I’ve tried — is its ability to smooth and blur over imperfections, while still letting my skin look like skin. When I wear this tint, it doesn’t look like I’m wearing face makeup, and the freckles dotting across my cheeks and nose still peek through (which I love). Instead, it acts like the Goldilocks of tinted moisturizers, offering just the right amount of coverage — not too much, not too little. Many skin tints these days are either too light in coverage and only work on people who already have perfect skin, or leave my oily-combination skin looking greasy by mid-day. Not this one. It’s creamy, hydrating, and really lives up to the “veil” in its name — it’s the equivalent of a sheer stocking in liquid form, except for your face (and feeling completely weightless). I’ve used it every single day since the first time I tried it, and to the genius cosmetic chemists at Hourglass (and Sofia Richie Grainge), my skin says thank you.

Final Verdict

Yes, this skin tint is a bit pricey at $49 dollars, but may be worth the cost if you’re looking for a product that you’ll truly use every day to give your skin a boost. Plus, the formula is buildable, so if you want more intense coverage, you can apply another layer, buff it in with a brush, or set it with translucent powder. In short: buy it.

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