How Yogi-Turned-CEO Kait VanHoff Is Revitalizing Wellness As We Know It

Photo and Video: Autumn Shipp

Kait VanHoff has always been an avid adventurer, drawn to the elements around her Salt Lake City home. She grew up skiing and camping with family, but it wasn’t until after graduating college that she realized the great outdoors that shaped her childhood held her future, too.

Now the founder and CEO of destination wellness series Revitalize Retreat, VanHoff has brought wellness-minded folks together in Hawaii, Mexico, Bali, Costa Rica, and more — with trips to Patagonia and Morocco in the works.

“We can all come together and be as one in this space — just be ourselves and be able to experience the whole retreat in such a unique place,” says VanHoff.

“Our time is our most valued asset that we have.”

- Kait VanHoff