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All The 2000s Bennifer Outfits You Can Still Wear Today

From red carpet glam to court side casual.

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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck wore many 2000s fashion trends early in their relationship. Ahead, find...
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After Jennifer Lopez posted a photo kissing Ben Affleck on Instagram in celebration of her 52ndbirthday, the world got its confirmation that the former lovers had, in fact, been reunited. Bennifer first came to be in July 2002, after the pair filmed Gigli together. And hence the Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck outfit watching began.

Their partnership initially turned out to be a whirlwind romance, with the couple getting engaged in November 2002, postponing their September 2003 wedding, and officially calling it quits in January 2004. Since that split, they’ve both married, had children, and divorced from their partners.

20 years later, however, it seems that the romantic pair are back at it. And it’s given everyone a reason to reminisce about the stylish couple they once were, and are today.

With a relationship that spanned the early 2000s, caught by the paparazzi everywhere from the red carpet to a basketball game, Bennifer certainly showed off many of the most stylish fashion trends from the 2000s throughout their relationship. Ahead, find the best Bennifer looks from the 2000s that you still want to wear — and a few outfits that channel 2000s fashion trends today.

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Pleated Denim Jeans

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Bennifer embraced the matching denim vibes of the 2000s in two inspired looks: Affleck’s chambray shirt and Lopez’s polarizing pleated jeans, which are actually a staple from the ’80s.

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The pleated, slouchy denim style is back in full effect. Take a cue from Lopez and tuck a knit sweater into the jeans or go for a fitted crop top.

Chambray Shirt

Go full on 2000s with a chambray shirt and matching denim outfit á la Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

Tiered Ruffle Dress

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The tiered ruffle dress was a huge trend of the 2000s, giving volume to even the most minimalist of silhouettes. Jennifer Lopez wore it like a pro at the 2002 premiere of Maid in Manhattan.

Shop the Look: Tiered Ruffle Dress

This Something Navy dress takes the trend and makes it a little more casual, styling layers of pinks and browns like Lopez, but in a more understated T-shirt silhouette.

Flare Jeans

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The 2000s brought with it flares galore, which Lopez styled with a short-sleeve button-down for a Lakers game in 2003.

Shop the Trend: Flare Jeans

Consider a slightly low-slung style when shopping for flares to really get into the 2000s spirit.

Shop the Trend: Flare Jeans

No matter what the pattern, try a short-sleeved version of your favorite crisp cotton button-down to pair with your white flares all Summer long.

One-Shoulder Dress

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JLo’s mint green gown, worn to the Oscars with fiancé Ben Affleck on her arm, is the embodiment of 2000s formal dressing. The flirty neckline is back in style, on everything from floor-length dresses to fitted tops.

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This season, go for the look for any number of weddings you might have coming up and, while it doesn’t have to be mint green, consider shopping for some tone of your favorite pastel anyway.

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