Jessie J's New Hair Style Will Make You Wish It Was 2011 All Over Again

#TBT to “Do It Like a Dude”.

Leon Bennett / Getty

Jessie J has had some serious hair lewks over the years. From shaving it all off, to long and lengthy, a bleach blonde pixie cut, and her natural brunette bob; she's rocked them all. None more recognisable though, than when she burst onto the music scene in 2011 singing "Do It Like a Dude" with an impossibly sleek bob and blunt fringe to match. Jessie J's most recent haircut is a serious throwback to her the days of her debut.

Whilst Jessie J (Jessica Ellen Cornish) has experimented with her style in the past, recent years have seen her sticking to her signature liquorice black shade and wearing it longer (maybe it’s the influence of her life in Los Angeles life?), or in a longer bob. Her most recent time in the salon chair however involved a short bob and blunt fringe, just like the good old days.

Taking to her Instagram stories to explain the changes, the singer talked fans through a colour mishap from a year ago: “I bleached the front of my hair a year ago (for a day) and the next morning I didn’t love it so I dyed it back to dark brown then cut it off so the broken bit wasn’t as far as my hair…wore extensions, wore wigs, dyed my eyebrows to distract from it.”

Behind the chop was her hair stylist Kim Roy. She captioned the story: “I said f**k it, give me a bayang,” playing her track "Bang Bang" in the background for added emphasis.