An Honest Review Of The TikTok-Famous Joyce Bonelli Glitter Mask

It’s totally instagrammable. But does it work?

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Testing the Joyce Bonelli glitter mask.
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TikTok loves a face mask, but users truly can’t resist one that sparkles. Just look at the hashtag #glittermask on the platform, which has over 41.6M views, where countless videos showcase shimmery beauty treatments in all colors of the rainbow. One of the most dazzling is the Joyce Bonelli glitter mask: Le Masque, as it’s officially called. Created by celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, the Joyce Bonelli Cosmétiques concoction has been garnering oohs and ahhs on social media since its launch. In fact, there’s a TikTok video of user Jenny Millenni (aka @letsgetpurdy) trying out the product that’s earned 6.6 million views. I admit I was intrigued, lured in by the sparkle and promise of hydration.

Still, I wondered: Is the shimmer just a gimmick, or does this mask actually deliver on the skin-boosting claims? Because, sure, everyone loves a good selfie moment and feel-good self-care, but the whole point of a face mask is to reveal more glowing skin. Naturally, I had to try the Joyce Bonelli Cosmétiques Peel-Off Glitter Face Mask and find out for myself.

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Fast Facts

  • Price: $22.85
  • Best for: A playful night in
  • Your rating: 3/5
  • Brand: Joyce Bonelli Cosmétiques
  • Clean? No
  • What we like: Fun, Insta-worthy
  • What we don't like: Value for its price, noticeable results

The Joyce Bonelli Cosmétiques Peel-Off Glitter Face Mask

The mask’s packaging is as eye-catching as the product itself: It comes in a small mirrored silver orb that has the vibe of a futuristic spacecraft. That same otherworldly aesthetic is shared by the other products in the brand’s Chrome Collection, like the For the Gods Face Serum and the Come Through Flawless Makeup Setting Spray.

The glitter mask itself is, first of all, very Instagrammable and packed with cosmetic-grade silver glitter. But the real star ingredient is hyaluronic acid — a humectant that draws moisture from the air to deliver hydration to your skin. As New York City-based board-certified dermatologist Dr. Hadley King, M.D. previously told Bustle, “It can hold 1,000 times its weight in water and helps to keep the skin hydrated.” According to the brand, this mask was formulated with sensitive skin in mind and, despite being chock-full of glitter, doesn’t clog pores.

First Impression

At first, I thought I’d been duped. I peeled off the foil and plastic cap to find a thick, goopy concoction that had just a few specks of glitter floating in it. But, actually, all the glitter was sitting at the bottom. You have to mix it together yourself with a stick or brush — I just used my finger. The only instructions say to simply paint it onto your face, let it dry, then peel it off to reveal plumper, more hydrated skin, so it wasn’t clear how long I’d have to leave it on for. I also noticed a heavy lemony scent, which wasn’t exactly unpleasant, but it was very strong, almost like candy or a sugary drink. I was also struck by how little product there actually was. Because it was so thick, it was nearly half empty after just one use. That said, it was super fun to look at my face completely covered in silver glitter. How often does that happen?

The Results

After letting the Joyce Bonelli Cosmétiques Peel-Off Glitter Face Mask dry for about 15 minutes (during which I had a mini photoshoot), I went to peel it off. It took a little while to get a good grip on it, but when I did, it came off fairly smoothly — not exactly in one piece, but in a few large sections. And, as promised, it came off clean; there weren’t more than a few bits of glitter left behind. It kind of hurt to peel off, though.

As for the results? I didn’t see that much of a difference in my complexion after using the Joyce Bonelli glitter mask. My skin did feel a bit firmer and plump, but it was still thirsty for a healthy slather of moisturizer. TL;DR? It wasn’t groundbreaking.

Final Verdict

The Joyce Bonelli Le Masque is totally Instagrammable and could make for a fun girls' night group selfie, but if you’re looking for a face mask that delivers a more impressive reveal, there are better options on the shelves.

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