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Only Julia Fox Would Wear A Jockstrap On National Television

Julia Fox just out Julia Foxed herself.

Julia Fox attends the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.
Kayla Oaddams/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Julia Fox is on a roll. The host of cable television show ‘OMG Fasuhn!’, on the E! Entertainment channel, has been churning out one eclectic outfit after another — and, honestly, it’s been hard to keep up. Just this week Fox popped out in a bra set made from old sneakers, silver high-waisted undies, kitschy keychain clothes... and now, a jock strap? Okay.

On Tuesday, The Down the Drain author uploaded a series of photos on Instagram, featuring the look and it’s shocking to say the least. The cover image shows a closeup of Fox in a mullet and mustache, complete with a full makeup beat. Just when you think it can’t get any more shocking, she amps things up notch by exposing the outfit in its entirety.

Julia Fox’s ‘No Hope’ Jockstrap

Fox filmed an episode of ‘OMG Fashun!’ in a “macho man” outfit that can only be described as high camp. The famous feminist wore a muscle-padded top with fake tattoos and chain. But most jarring black jock strap with the word’s “No Hope” printed along the front.

She paired the unconventional piece with tights and pointed pumps, which for some reason have shin guards. And if you ask me, the leather motorcycle gloves are a nice finishing touch to an already chaotic look.

The Mullet & Mustache Glam

Fully committing to the WWE-coded getup, Fox, along with hairstylist John Novotny, put on a yassified version of a mustache and a mullet. The wig’s wavy, two-tone hair bring an unexpected softness to the overall look and I don’t hate it.

To match the dark color of the wig, makeup artist Jezz Hill applied a romantic set of jet-black eye-lashes — as a stark contrast from Fox’s natural light-brown color. It’s also worth mentioning that Hill is the genius behind some the of her most recent makeup looks — including the double-lid eyeliner design that’s been everywhere the last few months.

Her Little Blue Dress

Proving her personal style has more range than most, Fox went for a more conventional look (by her standards) to celebrate her video release (pointy bra and silver undies, aside). The guest of honor wore a blue lace-up mini dress with the same tin-foil boots, reverting back to her ice-blonde hair.

Yet another series of looks from Fox that are absolutely out of this world — pun intended.