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Did Justin Bieber Wear Platform Crocs To The Grammys?

No, you’re not seeing things.

Justin Bieber attended the 64th Annual Grammy Awards wearing platform Crocs.

If you tuned in for the 2022 Grammys red carpet, you probably found yourself wondering: Is Justin Bieber wearing platform Crocs? And the answer is yes. Except his pair comes with a $950 price tag.

Bieber’s chunky footwear might have been inspired by the famously “ugly” shoe, but he’s not sporting just any old pair of Crocs. The polarizing clogs have been reimagined, courtesy of designer fashion house Balenciaga and their collaboration with Crocs. Bieber’s iteration comes with a massive flatform sole covered in silver studs and featuring a chrome Balenciaga nameplate across the toe.

With the tough hardware and elevated height, the shoes are giving goth vibes with just a hint of Spice Girls swag. Honestly, I don’t mind it... but, then again, I did wear Crocs to my own wedding (not kidding), so maybe I’m biased.

Balenciaga is known for its dramatic, “oversized” clothing designs, a style reflected in every aspect of Bieber’s Grammys look (the entirety of which was assembled in collaboration with the brand). He completed the courageous ensemble with an intentionally baggy gray suit, under which he wore a form-fitting white tank top, and finished it all off with a neon pink beanie.

Clearly, Bieber can pull off anything.

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