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Katy Perry Showed Off Her Thong While Teasing A Snippet Of A New Song

It’s a woman’s world.

It feels like forever since Katy Perry came out with new music, but ever since she teased her upcoming tracks on the timeline last week, she’s been going hard in the style department to get fans excited — and it seems to be working.

On June 17th, the singer posed as a modern-day fembot on the cover of her highly-anticipated “Woman’s World” album — releasing July 11th. A few days later, she donned a black and green leather halter neck dress in a photo carousel on Instagram. Elsewhere in the curated dump, Perry hinted around at a musical collaboration with rapper (and fellow style icon) Saweetie.

So it felt like a fitting choice when Perry shared a short video snippet of her album’s self-titled single wearing a fully exposed neon thong, whale tail style.

Katy’s Whale-Tail Outfit

Last Saturday, the ‘American Idol’ judge gave her 206 million Instagram followers a sneak peek of both her new music and her undergarments.

Perry wore a cropped black-and-white “Feminine Divine” T-shirt with laidback, tie-front pants. Music aside, though, the most interesting part about Perry’s 30-second reel is the petal-pink thong peeking out from underneath. (Though the strategically-placed graphic tee of her husband, actor Orlando Bloom, as Legolas in Lord Of The Rings hanging behind her is also a nice touch.)

Perry subtly sported the casual, early-aughts inspired outfit with a bright-red handbag tucked over her shoulder. The singer further accessorized by adding a pair of bug-eyed gray sunglasses that have reflective orange lenses that feel somewhat futuristic.

After taking some time away from releasing music, Perry has fully embraced this comeback with a similar edge from her debut era. (Remember the blue wing and cupcake bra?) Only this go around, the singer is offering a less theatrical approach, and it suits her.