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Keke Palmer Talks Her Favorite Holiday Fashion Trends

Plus, the number one item on her wishlist.

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The holiday season can be expensive, with shoppers spending more than usual on gifts, events, and festive dressing. But there's a way to participate and still manage your finances, and Keke Palmer is determined to show you how. “I want women in my generation to be smart about money and not fall into the traps our parents did,” Palmer tells Bustle. “It’s too easy to fall for tricks — almost no one reads the fine print when you sign up for something like a credit card, and that’s one reason our generation can easily get into so much debt. We need to start making financial wellness as trendy as physical wellness.”

To help empower people to take control of their finances this holiday season, she teamed up with Affirm, a buy now, pay later alternative to credit cards. The company is rewarding $10,000 each to 100 people who submit the best dramatic or comedic readings of everyday fine print — from credit card agreements to beauty product labels — before December 10.

Palmer kicked off the contest with her own reading of a ridiculous credit card agreement.

“We’ve all been there, adding the prettiest bag or shoes to your cart and wondering if you should go for it,” she says. “I am definitely big on purchases that enhance my life. This year, I’ve been working out a ton for my own health. I started dropping hints about what I want for the holidays a while back — *ahem* a Peloton treadmill — I love that they recently added Beyoncé classes.” And there's plenty of holiday fashion moments on her list, as well.

While parties are mostly virtual this year, that doesn’t mean the fashion trends we usually associate with this time of year are cancelled. Well, maybe some are, at least according to Palmer.

Ahead, she walks you through some of her favorite — and not-so-favorite — holiday fashion trends and which she'll be wearing this season.



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“Always in, 100%. And it doesn’t need to be the holiday season to wear them.”



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“I definitely plan to wear velvet this season. I like wearing velvet in an unexpected way, like a jumpsuit or blazer.”


Slip Dresses

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“They’re so versatile and comfortable. I love how I can dress them up or down to fit my mood. I’m a '90s baby, so I love this trend.”


Puff Sleeves

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“So many events are happening on Zoom this year, so I feel like it’s important to make a statement on top. I love a strong detail like puff sleeves with a bold pair of earrings. Go big or go home.”


Oversized Cardigans

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“The vintage ones are cute and cozy, too. I just like wearing anything that feels like a hug.”


Silk PJs For Parties

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“This trend is a tricky one that can go wrong really easily.”



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“They’re a little too preppy for me. If I’m wearing a coat, I like it to be more dramatic.”


“Ugly” Christmas Sweaters

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“I’m about them. Wear an oversized one that’s perfect for when you go too hard on the charcuterie.”


UGG Boots

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“Yes, they’re extremely comfortable, but if we’re talking 2000s fashion trends, I’m way more excited about bringing back chokers and low-rise jeans. That being said, I’d love to get my hands on UGG’s new collab with Telfar.”