Keys Soulcare Now Has Body Care Products So You Can Glow Head To Toe

The first of many indulgent offerings to come.

Quil Lemons

When Alicia Keys launched Keys Soulcare last year, it was a game changer, offering a refreshingly authentic sense of community in the wellness space. Then came the product offerings. Fans immediately discovered their new favorite skin-care formulas and rediscovered the ritual of self-care. Now, Keys Soulcare body care products have arrived, and they’re here to ensure you’re nourished from head to toe.

The collection, developed in partnership with a dermatologist, is clean, gentle, and cruelty-free. It’s also packed with exactly the kind of ingredients you want to see in skin care. The Renewing Body + Hand Wash contains a trio of shea butter, cocoa butter, and manuka honey — the gel boasts antioxidant and moisturizing properties while gently cleansing. The Rich Nourishing Body Cream adds calming oats to the mix as well as ceramides, which are a gold standard in maintaining skin moisture. And the Sacred Body Oil combines marula, baobab, and jojoba oils for intense yet lightweight nourishment. It also gets a dose of brightening vitamin C from sea buckthorn, so there’s no shortage of glow.

True to the other offerings in the Keys Soulcare lineup, each item in the body care collection comes with an affirmation to ground it in soul as well as skin care. For example, the Rich Nourishing Cream is paired with, “My body is a vessel for love, light and strength.”

Courtesy of Keys Soulcare
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Whether you’re new to Keys Soulcare or you’re already a fan, summer-Fridays season is the perfect time to dip into body care and body love. Consider lighting the Sage + Oat Milk Candle, verbalizing an affirmation, and really enjoying each step of the body care collection as part of a ritual rather than a routine.

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