The Skin Care Essential Khloe Kardashian Always Keeps In Her Car

Plus, exclusive deets on her other faves.

Khloe Kardashian tells Bustle about her skin care routine and biggest beauty fail from her middle sc...
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A Kardashian skin care routine is more attainable than one might think — kind of. Money, privilege, and easy access to the best dermatologists aside, the belief that skin care is a holistic process is a universal one. It is something many people, Khloe Kardashian especially, are a strong proponent of. “I am a firm believer of taking care of yourself,” Kardashian tells Bustle. “Yes, topically, but also from the inside out.”

The topical part of Kardashian’s skin care routine is filled with familiar hero ingredients and beauty common practices that everyone has come to know and love. The reality TV star always removes her makeup before she goes to bed, wears sunscreen every day (“I have sunscreen in all of my cars,” she says. “Like in [all] the cup holder[s] to remind me”), and her routine is filled with nourishing ingredients like vitamin A and E. But the one thing that she recently added into her regimen that makes the world of difference is collagen.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. Think of it as the glue that holds everything in the body together. It’s the building block for the bones, muscles, and skin. While there are skin care products that help stimulate its production in skin, there are ways to digest it to also get its many benefits. Studies have shown that collagen supplements can improve skin’s overall appearance. Kardashian’s recent partnership with Dose & Co. (and the results she’s seen) is living proof of that.

“Dose & Co. has significantly helped my skin,” she says. “[Whether] it be some fine lines, hydration, or the elasticity of [it].”

She takes collagen on a regular basis, putting it on her coffee every day. “It’s literally a no-brainer; it doesn’t feel like you have an added step,” she says. “It’s essentially [like] if you poured sugar in your coffee.”

Other beauty practices she’s a fan of include sleeping on silk pillowcases and always lathering up lotions and oils to keep skin hydrated. As for the biggest skin care faux pas she’s ever experienced, it involves at-home self-tan application gone wrong in the seventh grade.

“I remember going to school and [looking] like a zebra,” she says. “My hands were so streaky and it stuck to your hands. It lasted, I felt like, forever. It was horrible.”

But c’est la vie. When it comes to getting the healthiest skin possible, it’s all about trial and error; she says you just have to find what works for you.

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