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Kylie Jenner Wore Jeans As A Top In Her Latest Khy Campaign

Nothing comes between Kylie and her Khys.

Kylie Jenner wears jeans in her latest campaign for Khy.
Courtesy of Khy

Thanks to Kendall Jenner’s style influence, everyone has heard of — nay, been inundated with — the “no pants” trend. It’s currently the most ubiquitous style in Hollywood. And while Kendall coined ditching pants, her sister Kylie went the opposite route, wearing an outfit comprised only of pants.

On Thursday, April 25, the youngest Jenner starred in the latest campaign for her clothing brand Khy. It marked Jenner’s first foray into denim — a fact she effectively highlighted by wearing jeans, jeans, and more jeans.

Kylie’s Just Jeans Look

For Khy’s first denim drop, the label collaborated with designer Natasha Zinko, releasing three denim styles (low-rise, high-rise, and straight-leg) in three washes (light, medium, and dark).

Despite including a few tops in the collection, Jenner didn’t wear any. Instead, she kept to her jeans alone. In one photo, she posed on the floor wearing a high-rise pair in a medium wash — no shirt, no shoes, just jeans.

Courtesy of Khy

The photos are reminiscent of the classic “nothing comes between me and my Calvins” ads Calvin Klein made famous in the ’90s. Kendall is a longtime CK model and has even starred in her own topless “Calvins or Nothing” campaigns. Naturally, Kylie borrowed vibes from her big sis.

Jeans On Jeans, A Study

In the rest of the campaign photos, Jenner played with her denim styling, wearing her blues in wildly unexpected ways. In one shot, she wore two pairs at once. The result was a two-tone style that felt particularly current (and surprisingly wearable).

Courtesy of Khy

In the next, she turned her jeans into a bolero of sorts, slipping her arms through the leg holes like sleeves.

Courtesy of Khy

Her last styling technique was perhaps the least wearable. She wore a second pair as a pseudo-shirt, looping one arm through her pant leg and using it to cover her bare chest.

Courtesy of Khy

Nothing comes between her and her Khys.