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Lizzo Is Launching Her Own Shapewear Brand Yitty

Queen things.

by Jamie Feldman
Lizzo poses in a campaign image for her new shapewear line, Yitty.
Courtesy of Yitty

All the rumors are trueLizzo is launching a shapewear line.

After teasing the announcement on Instagram with a (temporary) butt tattoo earlier this week, the pop star shared Wednesday that her new project — one she says is five years in the making — is Yitty, a size-inclusive shapewear line that will launch Tuesday, April 12.

At first glance, it feels like an... interesting choice for the singer. After all, this is the same Lizzo who has spent her entire career proudly pushing back against the pressure to change your body — the very thing that shapewear was originally designed to do. Lizzo’s ethos squarely deviates from the concept of shapewear on the whole.

But, as she shared with The New York Times, her goal isn’t to add to the new class of current shapewear success stories (Skims and its $3.2 billion valuation come to mind), her goal is to revolutionize it. Lizzo intends to make pieces that every single body can feel good in, whether that means under clothing or as clothing itself.

“I’m selling a mentality that ‘I can do what I want with my body, wear what I want and feel good while doing it,’” she said.

Titled to honor Lizzo’s childhood nickname, Yitty is a sister brand to Fabletics, which has a solid track record of inclusive sizing, offering more plus size options than most activewear brands. Naturally, this shapewear line is no exception. The nearly-100-piece collection will be available in sizes 6X-XS, with each style specifically designed for the size it caters to.

“Stylish silhouettes have been fit on every size and body type — not merely scaled up (or down) for convenience,” a statement from the brand reads.

Fans were delighted to find a small, yet deeply meaningful, detail in Lizzo’s caption sharing the news. Sizing was listed as 6X to XS, instead of the other way around. “The subtle beauty of 6X-XS is giving me life!” one person commented.

It’s that attention to detail that ensures this line has the potential to create real change in the attitude toward shapewear — including that of Lizzo herself.

“I was tired of seeing this sad, restrictive shapewear that literally no one wanted to wear,” she said in a statement. “I had an epiphany like, ‘who can actually do something about this?’ I decided to take on the challenge of allowing women to feel unapologetically good about themselves again.”

Courtesy of Yitty
Courtesy of Yitty
Courtesy of Yitty.