Lush's New Hair Care Line Is Specifically For Textured Hair Types

The range has been two years in the making.

Lush's new hair care range is specifically for Black hair.

On Friday, Nov. 13, Lush will launch its first hair care range specifically made for curly, coily, and textured hair types. The range features five new products and a revamped co-wash all created by Sarah Sango, Lush UK’s Hair Lab Research and Development Stylist and Black Haircare Specialist. This collection is one of the brand's most highly anticipated product ranges ever, as it expands Lush's sustainable beauty line to reach more of its customers' unique styling needs.

The new hair care range will feature an update of the brand's popular Avocado Co-Wash bar, now formulated to work better with textured hair, along with two conditioners (one that's more of a protein treatment, while the other's meant for moisture), a milky conditioning spray, an oil-based hair and scalp treatment, and a curl styling cream. Prices range from $12.95 to $49.95, and the products will be available online at the Lush website and in stores later this month.

According to intel from Lush, Sango and the brand have been working on the line for two years in an effort to have products specifically created for the Black community. The formulations — which feature nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter, sweet potato, and almond oil — are all inspired by Sango's family recipes as well as the natural ingredients she has long used in her hair.

Of the new hair care collection, Sango said in a press release, "When I look at these six products sitting together, I think joyous thoughts, knowing from cleansing to defining my style there’s finally a Black haircare range available for the community in every Lush store." She added that, "Black hair is a journey," and this is only the beginning of what Lush will be creating for the textured hair community.