11 Massage Oil Candles, Body Creams, & More Steamy Essentials For Cuffing Season

For solo self-care or dreamy moments with a lover.

Between long days of work and the (at times toxic) hustle-hard mentality to always being in “grind mode,” it becomes more and more vital to develop personal ways of checking in with your mind and reconnecting with your body, with the goal of embracing that beautifully divine femininity. And as a beauty lover who is obsessed with curating a self-love routine, those moments both alone and with my husband are the perfect time to care for myself (and care for my partner) with sensually skin-loving products.

Whether you want to truly indulge in your solo self-care routine, or perhaps are looking to add a little bit of *spice* to those intimate moments with a lover — some beauty products are undoubtedly best paired with a certain slowed-down intimacy.

Ready to dive in? From body washes with aphrodisiac qualities to massage candles meant to bring the heat to the bedroom — here are 11 steamy beauty essentials that smell just as good as they feel on skin. You’re welcome, lovers.

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A Sensual Body Wash That Smells Good All Day

For solo sudsing or lathering up with a partner, this body wash is luxe, thick, and smells of earthy patchouli and sensual rose geranium. It’s also formulated with aromatherapeutic qualities, awakening passion and truly setting the mood.


A Dreamy Massage Candle

Burn this candle for a cozy vibe in your sacred space, and dip your fingers into the warm wax for a sensual massage oil that brings some serious heat into the bedroom and beyond.


A Skin-Smoothing Scrub

Treat your body to a decadent scrub that leaves skin silky smooth and hydrated.


An Irresistible Oil

This intoxicatingly beautiful, high vibrational body oil is the key to a natural, hydrated glow.


A Serum For Your Sexiest Moments

A stimulating blend of peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon create a warm tingle on the most sensitive spots...


A Pretty Polish For Your Posterior

Treat your peach to a vitamin-infused polish that tightens and smooths.


A Romantic Massage Oil Candle

Turn those dreamy massages up a notch with this skin-loving candle.


A Must-Have Moisturizer

This unscented moisturizing stone was made for those sensual moments when you’re connecting with yourself.


An Energizing Scrub

Get dirty (before you get clean) with this invigorating, coffee-scented body scrub.


A Heavenly Body Oil

Give your limbs a luxe treat with this nourishing oil that smells of crisp pear, soft rose petals, and creamy vanilla cedarwood.


A Shimmery Body Oil

Go for some major glowing goddess vibes with this luxury body oil that shimmers in the sunlight.