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25 Medium Coffin Manicures To Copy ASAP

From neon swirls to matte lavender.

by Calin Van Paris
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medium coffin manicures

Between oval, almond, stiletto, and square manicures, choosing the nail shape that you vibe with best can be a difficult feat. Add a variety of lengths to that, and the options increase exponentially. Are you after elegance or edge? Something manageable or entirely exaggerated? For an of-the-moment look that combines the best elements of all of the above, we suggest a medium-length coffin nail. Rounded beds culminate in a plateau top, allowing nails to retain enough surface area to showcase some serious nail art, even at medium length. Trust us, it’s anything but basic.

We combed through Instagram to compile some of the most eye-catching paint jobs out there. Here, 25 medium coffin manis for your consideration.

White Graphic

Medium coffins are the perfect shape to deck out with some deco. V-tips, diagonal stripes, and in-step patterns of white polish are elegant — and a little funky.

Retro Orange

Throw it back. Orange and lemon swirls couple with daisies and glitter in a vibrant ‘70s splash.

Enchanted Garden

Shades of turquoise, butterfly decals, and snowy glitter elicit visions of a whimsical, magical garden, lending this edgier nail shape a soft feel.

V-Tip French

A deep V-tip French in classic white is a new, high-drama classic.

Angelic Skies

ICYMI — cloud nails are trending. Blue skies are speckled with starbursts and fluffy clouds to create this angelic manicure.

Pastel Frame French

Frame French tips of sheer and matter pastels with a solid of the same shade for bold take on a softer palette.

Agate Swirls

Swirls of brown, white, and gray combine in an agate effect that may become your new neutral mainstay.

Mod Tangerine

Flat, tapered tips with a tangerine hue turn mod with the addition of a dotted white stripe.

Matte Lavender

We love a neon lavender with a matte finish for an individual take on purple haze.

Clear Crystalline

Clear coffin nails go Euphoria-esque with a freckling of round and refractive crystals.


While an all-white manicure gives off a blank-canvas vibe, an all-white coffin manicure is a vision of opulence. It really is all about the shape.

Paint Splatter

Take us back to afternoon art class. Splatters of pastel paint are pretty and fun, and blank negative space makes the paint job surprisingly wearable.

Frosty Matte

A clear coat is a timeless option, but a clear coat with a matte finish makes a serious statement. The frosty texture reminds us of sea glass.

Cotton Candy Skies

Sunrise, sunset. Baby pink skies are turned angelic with painted clouds and starbursts, with the coffin shape grounding the ethereal theme.

Box of Chocolates

Dark, milk, raspberry, nougat — this neutral manicure proves that a variance of shades serves to make each a bit stronger.

Playful Pink

Channel your inner child with some pretty and playful pink polish. Butterflies, hot and baby pink, and marbled detailing combine for a saccharine collection.


With its blend of brown and black, tortoiseshell is a stylized neutral. Add a coffin shaped nail, and you have a mani that transcends season.

Seafoam Splash

Neoprene seafoam nails, with an accent: a fluid splash of the hue edged in white and negative space.

Green Gold Leaf

An olive green oval touched in gold leaf communicates the same sort of romanticism as a classic cameo pendant.

Daisy Chain

We love it, we love it not, we love it. Decorate a mustard-yellow coffin manicure with daisy details on a single clear nail.

Black and White Wiggle

Wavy lines of black and white wiggle over a nude nail for a fun and stylized look.

Black Tie

Give your nails the tuxedo treatment. Noir V-tips, solid black, and an onyx dot mirror the feels of a black tie affair.

Solid Saffron

Ah, saffron. The petals of sunflowers and daffodils, bees, pollen, even autumn’s shifting foliage — the buoyant hue is enough to make anyone smile.

Yin Yang Pop

A handful of polished patterns in black and nude take cues from the yin yang design in the center.

Pink and Purple

Pale pink and purple make a charming pair, particularly when finished with contrasting hearts.

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