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TikTok Queen Meredith Duxbury & Morphe Are Launching A Hot New Collab

Duxbury spills all in a Bustle exclusive.

Meredith Duxbury & Morphe are launching the "Making You Blush" Collection.

At just 23 years old (and with over 14 million loyal followers and counting), Meredith Duxbury has quickly taken over TikTok with her beauty prowess. Whether you realize it or not, you’ve likely seen her powerful, ultra-glam videos while late-night scrolling — especially with her infamous try-on videos that continue to shock the platform’s viewers, with unique foundation application methods and colorfully detailed eye tutorials, all while lip syncing to the music of the moment, of course. What’s more: she truly has a pulse on her viewers’ wants and needs, knowing exactly what products on the market are bound to blow up next.

Just in time for spring, Duxbury has partnered with cult-fave brand Morphe to release the new Making You Blush Collection, officially launching on March 29. Featuring two eyeshadow palettes, five cream blushes, five powder blushes, as well as nine rose gold and black makeup brushes, each piece allows you to explore just how versatile the color pink can truly be.

On the heels of her Paris Fashion Week appearances and amidst jet-setting to sunny Key Largo, I had the opportunity to chat with the New York-based mogul via Zoom. In a Bustle exclusive announcement, she dishes on her partnership with Morphe, her favorite products from the collection, some helpful hacks when applying blush, as well as what she plans on doing next in her ever-blossoming career.

How was your experience partnering with Morphe? What was your favorite part of the process?

Honestly, it was and still is such an amazing process. The Morphe team is so easy-going, so easy to work with, and so nice — I just feel like my whole vibe matches well with [the brand] and they are like family at this point.

My favorite part [of the process] was probably the photoshoot — it was so fun and was one of my first photoshoots for a big brand. Seeing all of the clothing, the makeup, and the whole [vision] come together in real life was amazing.

If you could describe the Making You Blush Collection in just a few words, how would you describe it?

The two words that come to mind are ‘flirty’ and ‘cute,’ but the collection [as a whole] is also very ‘glowy’ and ‘glistening.’ Making You Blush is such a great spring collection that features some amazing pink hues and rosy tones, and when I use the collection, I feel happy and uplifted.

Which product from your new collection do you find yourself reaching for the most?

One of my favorite products is the 18-Pan Va-Va Bloom Artistry Palette. It’s so diverse. I love creating natural looks, but also, I do love a full-beat — and within this palette, there are some really flirty pink colors, there are some bronzy shimmers which look great if you’re doing a natural look, and if you want a smoked-out, full-glam moment, you can go for some of the deeper shades. My favorite shades [within the palette] are Dandy, Goddess, Pardon Me, and All Nighter.

Also, the Blush Balm Soft-Focus Cream Blushes are so easy to carry in your purse to reapply throughout the day or night. If you’re doing a natural look, it really makes it come together. I’m really into the purple-y shade Wild Wine, and I feel like when the collection comes out, that’s a product that I could see going viral on TikTok. Everyone is obsessed with cream blushes [at the moment], and I feel like they also are loving unique blush colors.

Overall, people who may not be as experienced in makeup can use this collection, and people who are really into makeup who want to do full-glam can use it as well.


What's your favorite beauty tip or hack when applying blush?

If I’m doing a natural look, my favorite place to apply blush is on the high-points of the cheekbones. You can really sculpt and change the shape of your face by where you apply product. For me, and for a lot of people, actually, they want to see their face lifted and snatched, so this technique is important to achieve that. If you’d prefer a more rounded look, you can apply blush to the apples of your cheeks

When I’m doing a full-glam look, I love to layer and go right on top of that Cream Blush with the Sculpting Powder Blush as well. It adds some more pigment and gives more of a matte look. Both textures are super buttery and soft, [and when paired together] it gives an almost air-brushed effect to your skin.

You’ve accomplished so much in your career already — what would you like to do next?

My main goal is to one day create my own makeup brand, which is why it’s so great working with so many amazing brands like Morphe. They’ve given me so many tips and I honestly learn so much from them.

I also have a lot of exciting things coming within the fashion and beauty space, and I can’t wait to share it with all of my followers soon.


The Morphe Making You Blush Collection launches on Tuesday, March 29, available to shop on and in Morphe stores.