The Mrs Hinch-Approved Hack To Stop Fake Tan Ruining Your Sheets

Goodbye orange-stained sheets.

Mrs Hinch
Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

Mrs Hinch always has a few tricks up her sleeve to share with fans when it comes to keeping her home spotless, but she also has time to share her words of wisdom on beauty matters, too – in particular, how to keep your bed sheets clean after fake tanning.

Mrs Hinch (real name is Sophie Hinchliffe) was gearing up to the official release of her memoir, This Is Me, with a press tour that started via video call on This Morning on Thursday (Oct. 1) when she shared the genius hack on social media.

Excited for her appearance on the ITV breakfast show, Mrs Hinch took to her Instagram stories to tell her 3.7 million followers how nervous she was for her big day: “I’m all over the show about tomorrow if I’m honest, I can't even think straight. It’s such a big day!”

Like most of us, Mrs Hinch wanted to look and feel her best for her time on screen. “I've had a shower, washed my hair, fake tanned as well,” she told fans as she was deciding on a “smart but comfy” outfit to wear.

The social media sensation had applied a layer of her favourite Skinny Tan fake tan for the TV appearance, and shared a clever hack to save bed sheets from getting stained overnight. Bringing out a single duvet cover, she shared a little secret with her fans: “I thought I’d share with you a little tip that I came across on the internet that I'm trying tonight.”

“Once you’ve fake tanned, you get an old bed sheet, and you sleep in it,” she explained. “As mad as it sounds, you get into bed and sleep in [the sheet] as normal, and it stops any fake tan getting on your bed sheets.” Genius!

As we know, the cleaning influencer loves a bargain, adding that the single duvet cover she uses “only cost £8 from eBay”.

We’ll definitely be trying this trick in future.