Mrs. Wheeler Wore A Vagina Necklace In Stranger Things Season 4

Simply iconic.

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Karen Wheeler in Season 3 of 'Stranger Things' wearing a vagina necklace.

Plenty of sh*t goes down in the fourth season of Stranger Things. Right from the jump, there’s a lot going on, so you may not have noticed a minute detail in the first episode that is actually very (I would put it in all caps too, but my editor won’t let me) important. Like, extremely.

Not even 15 minutes into “Chapter One: The Hellfire Club,” Mike’s mom, aka Mrs. Wheeler, aka Karen (aka Cara Buono), is seen decked out in her 1980s best. Though she’s showing off a brand-new perm and an impeccably coordinated, Jazzercize-ready groutfit, all eyes are at her neck, from which hangs a sparkling, pearl-studded vulva. Yep, you read that right.

She doesn’t get much screen time this season, but in a couple of the scenes Mrs. Wheeler appears in, the costume director has her sporting her trademark accessory. We see her wearing the vagina necklace again — paired with a plaid shirt this time — in the finale. Karen first debuted the body-positive necklace last season, Seventeen reported, styling it with a pastel striped button-up.

Between this and the many plot holes of Season 4, I am filled with so many questions I know I'll never get answers to, like: Where did she get it? and Has Mike noticed this, because his reaction would be hilarious?


Personal pondering aside, I'm obsessed with this iconic bauble and I'm bummed there isn't an exact replica online. (Netflix really needs to get on that.) That said, should you want to pay homage to vag like Mrs. Wheeler, you can shop some similar options below.

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