I’m Obsessed With This Female-Owned Body-Care Brand For Pregnancy & Beyond

It’s MUTHA-freakin’ awesome.

by Lindsay Cohn
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As someone who writes about beauty for a living, I try a lot of products. Some are hits. Others don't live up to the hype or packaging promises. But with so many innovative clean formulas (that’s really where my interest lies) on the market, even when I get something great, there’s no guarantee it ends up in my regular rotation. But, once in a while, I discover a product — or, in this particular case, an entire range — that’s so good, I call in a restock even before the first bottle is finished. Enter MUTHA.

The Backstory

Last year, while pregnant, I got an email from a colleague asking if I’d tried MUTHA. At the time, I hadn’t heard of it (again, the number of natural brands has soared in recent years, and even a clean-beauty enthusiast such as myself can’t keep up with every single one). I did a quick search online, which piqued my interest even further.

A few days later, I was unwrapping the metallic purple jars and bottles that would soon become my go-to body-care staples. Obviously, it wasn’t the gorgeous packaging that sealed the deal. Though, it certainly doesn’t hurt that it looks so good on my vanity. It’s what’s inside the glamorous outer shell that truly makes this brand so unique.

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Allow me to share a bit of a backstory before diving into the indulgent products: Hope Smith founded MUTHA when she was pregnant after not being able to find any high-end, plant-based products on the market.

Motherhood remains central to MUTHA. The brand directs 5% of sales to global maternal health programs. And Smith even wrote a book titled Your Body Is Magic. Though, to be clear, you certainly don’t have to be expecting to daub on these divine formulas. If you have skin in need of nourishment, I promise this range is worth the investment.

The Best MUTHA Products

OK, let’s talk about the products. First up, the MUTHA Body Butter ($95) has a deliciously thick consistency that comes courtesy of the three most decadent kinds of butter: cocoa, mango, and shea.

It melts into skin like a dream and leaves behind this wonderfully uplifting citrus scent that’ll put a little pep in your mega-moisturized step.

I’m a sucker for a good face oil but have often found body oils to be too, well, oily. I want to slather something on at the end of a long day and jump into bed pronto. My skepticism was immediately assuaged when I pumped the MUTHA Body Oil ($105) into my palms and rubbed it onto my legs.

My skin drank it in instantly, leaving behind a gorgeous sheen that erased the lingering effects of the past winter that were so visible only moments before.

I’m also completely, totally, head-over-heels in love with the MUTHA Body Contour Serum ($95). And this is coming from someone who previously didn’t buy into the whole caffeine-laced body-care thing (yes, even after having a baby). But let me tell you, this one is different.

It’s powered by coffee seed extract, hyaluronic acid, and baobab seed oil. Even if it wasn’t a firming phenom, I’d love it for the silky consistency and heavenly hit of hydration.

The Bottom Line

I could profess my love for these formulations for another 1,000 words, but you have a life to live — and, presumably, some new products for the neck down to order — so I’ll leave you with my final thoughts.

The entire MUTHA body range is fabulous. I’m obsessed with its natural ingredients (and the lack of stress that comes with not having to pore over a list of chemicals I can’t pronounce and inevitably have to Google), its luxurious textures, its light-yet-still-present aromas, and the ways it makes my skin look and feel.

Fair warning: You will fly through every tub and bottle. But that’s not because you need a lot. On the contrary, a little goes a long way with such rich, nourishing elixirs. It’s simply because the products are so irresistible that you’re going to want to rub them on multiple times a day. Am I speaking from experience? You bet.

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