This New Spot Treatment Is Designed Specifically For Sensitive Skin

Plus, four other new beauty products out this week.

The Inkey List

Finding a spot treatment that is suitable for sensitive skin can be tough, as so many formulas out there are rather abrasive and aggressive on complexions that need a gentle touch. Which is why I'm always on the lookout for new additions that might be ideal for all skin types, and feature new and exciting ingredients. The Inkey List's new spot treatment is perfect for sensitive skin, even those who suffer with eczema.

The brand's Succinic Acid Blemish Treatment promises to help spots on skin that usually finds targeted blemish formulas far too strong or irritating. The formula features buzzy new skincare ingredient succinic acid, as well as a blend of ingredients you probably will have heard of, like our trusty friend hyaluronic acid.

As well as this treatment, there are also some other great new skincare products out this week, including a vitamin C serum, which again, is a brilliant option for those who suffer with acne-prone skin. Then there's a toner range by Florence by Mills (Millie Bobby Brown's line) that will work for all skin types, and is said to be especially good for younger complexions like Millie's.

Rounding up the edit of new beauty products out this week is a great set of press on nails that'll make you smile, and a cool shampoo for curls that promises to be super gentle.

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