7 Days Of Skin

Norma Kamali’s Skin Care Routine Is All About Simplicity and Self-Care

Good skin is an inside-out thing.

In Bustle’s video series 7 Days of Skin, tastemakers take us through seven days of their skin care routines—the products they count on to keep their skin looking 10/10 through work, rest, and play.

Norma Kamali has always been ahead of the curve (or carving it out said curve herself). Since 1967, the 76-year-old designer has played in the arena of conceptual fashion, ‘70s camping trip-inspired sleeping bag coats, ‘80s sweatsuits paving the supremely comfortable path toward athleisure, and ‘90s e-commerce options offering a foundation for the present-tense world of online retail. Style aside, Kamali is also a vanguard of the beauty-as-wellness space, her focus on holistic self-care beginning well before Y2K. With a lifestyle brand that includes The Skinline from Normalife (crafted with inclusivity in mind), Kamali is all about plant-based, multi-purpose products meant to simplify your everyday routine.

In the video below, she shares a week’s worth of intuitive beauty tips designed to elicit that lit-from-within glow we’re all after. The best part? Replicating her pared-down approach won’t break the bank — though it may shift the way you think about skin care.

Norma Kamali’s 7 Days of Skin


To kick off the week, Kamali keeps it characteristically simple, hydrating and color-correcting her complexion with her own “secret sauce:” Normalife Glow Moisturizer, which she pairs with a swipe of natural lip tint from Hurraw!


Everyone loves a DIY mask moment. Kamali’s go-to involves a splash of Karigane (Japanese green tea) on a damp cloth, and a relaxing pause to allow the astringent topical time to calm her complexion.


As a devotee of yoga, Kamali deals with sore hands, a reality that led to a love of oHHo Full Spectrum CBD Balm. An all-over massage results in happy skin and unwound muscles.


The week’s wind-down comes with a want of exfoliation. Normalife’s Smooth works on face, body, and hands alike, providing a gentle resurfacing and freshly-invigorated skin.


It’s dry brush day — a time for further exfoliation, along with a boost of circulation. Kamali favors Earth Therapeutics Super Loofah Exfoliating Body Scrubber, but reiterates that any brush or sponge that delivers friction will work equally well.


Morning, afternoon, and evening are all ideal times for Normalife Soft. In addition to smoothing the way for a well-practiced facial massage (primed for lymphatic drainage and de-puffing), Kamali uses the product to remove any makeup.


And now, exhale. A sense of calm is Kamali’s ultimate beauty secret, and Sunday finds her harnessing the power of a meditation practice. Breathe in beauty; breathe out tension.

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