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Popularity isn’t everything, but there are times when it can help point you in the right direction. When shopping online and trying to decide what to spend your hard-earned money on, those products with thousands of glowing reviews can be a helpful barometer for what to buy. When you have the choice, would you rather take a chance on a product with no reviews that may work for you, or would you rather go with something trusted and reliable that others have bought before and liked?

In the case of Amazon, it seems as though every week new products shoot up the charts to become bestsellers. And many of them are worth the hype, like this compact and affordable air fryer that cooks quickly and has garnered over 11,000 reviews. Another example is this microwave popcorn maker, which has earned nearly 30,000 reviews from happy customers. We’ve gathered up these products and more to let you know what home products are flying off the shelves, so you can outfit your home with the best possible stuff. Keep scrolling for 47 of the coolest, cleverest home products that money can buy you from Amazon — they’re about to be your new favorite things at home.


This Kit Turns Any Cabinet In Your House Into A Secure Safe

In shared spaces like apartments or dorms, it’s a challenge to find secure hiding spots for important documents, IDs, and more. This electronic cabinet lock kit turns any cabinet into a safe, requiring an RFID key card to unlock. One reviewer even installed theirs on a storage ottoman, so furniture is also an option.


A Portable Lock That Prevents Others From Accessing Your Space — Even If They Have A Key

Compatible with any door, this portable door lock installs in seconds — without tools — and the added security will ease your mind at home and on the road. Even if someone has a key to your rental or room, this stainless steel attachment means no one will be able to enter your space while it’s locked. But, it’s still easy to install and remove from the inside.


An Easy-To-Install Privacy Film That Still Lets Sunshine In

This renter-friendly solution to nosy onlookers is conveniently affordable, effective, and easy to install. This opaque window privacy film prevents people from seeing in or out while still allowing beautiful sunlight to filter in. Installation of the matte film is easy with a few helpful tools handy.


Make Your Own Cold Brew At Home With This Clever Pitcher

You’re about to save so many trips to your favorite coffee shop with this at-home cold brew maker. This compact pitcher makes over four cups of cold brew or iced coffee with an ultra-fine filtration system and airtight seal that locks in flavors for up to two weeks. Simply add cold or room temperature water to the container, add your freshly-ground beans to the center filter, and allow it to brew in the fridge for up to 24 hours.


A Compact Air Fryer With Over 10,000 Shoppers Who Are Fans

This 2-quart version is a great entry point for jumping onto the air fryer trend. It’s compact but comes with all the features and versatility of a larger model. With a temperature range between 200 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the fryer quickly cooks chicken, vegetables, and more. Plus, the cleaning is as easy as the cooking because the nonstick fryer basket and tray are both removable and dishwasher-safe.


This Aromatherapy Diffuser Fills Even Large Rooms & Looks Good Doing It

With this large, chic diffuser you can scent an entire room with your chosen fragrance and add this pretty piece of decor. The diffuser is designed for larger spaces (up to 480 square feet), and runs for up to 20 hours. In addition to the already eye-catching emerald and marble design, there’s a color-changing light to set the mood.


This Desk Lamp Charges Up To Three Devices At Once

Managing charging for multiple devices can get messy, fast: But not with this charging desk lamp with built-in phone docks. Use the slots in the wood base to neatly sort up to three devices, and charge them even when the lamp is off. Not to mention, the lamp itself looks great on any desk or bedside table.


This Memory Foam Pillow Infused With Gel To Keep You Cool & Comfortable

If you’re tired of waking up sweaty and hot, you need to try this cooling pillow. The memory foam filling features gel infusion and strategically placed holes that will keep you cooler year-round. And it’s certified CertiPUR-US, which means it meets emission standards and is a low VOC product, and OEKO-TEX, so you know it’s been tested for harmful substances and is safe to use.


A Mini Waffle Maker That’s Cute & Useful For More Than Just Waffles

This aqua blue mini waffle maker is the perfect addition to your kitchen: Not only can you use it for a delicious, sweet breakfast, but it’s also good for making paninis, hashbrowns, and so much more. It’s just 8 inches wide, so this waffle maker tucks away easily when not in use, and heats up in just a few minutes when you’re ready to use it again.


This Reusable Device For Consistently Delicious Microwave Popcorn

Fresh, homemade popcorn is easier than ever to make with this reusable microwave popcorn maker. Instead of wasting money on individual bags of microwave popcorn that create a lot of waste, simply pour kernels into this glass popper, and heat in the microwave for three minutes or less. It makes up to three quarts of popcorn, and there’s even a place to melt your butter.


A Pack Of Moldable Glue That Can Repair Almost Anything In Your Home

For common household repairs and easy mounting, keep some of this multi-purpose moldable glue on hand. The putty-like substance can seal cracks and leaks in glassware, cover a breaking charging cord, or be used as a substitute for nails or adhesive hooks to mount lightweight objects. Mold them to any shape or size you need, and see how this flexible glue repairs almost anything, indoors or out.


This Compact Outlet Extender Gives You Seven Extra Outlets In One

Turn any outlet into a bona fide charging station with this multi-plug outlet extender. This compact plug-in fits into nearly any wall socket, and adds three USB ports, two three-prong sockets, and two two-prong sockets. You’ll be able to neatly charge multiple devices at once with plenty of space to power your other electronics.


This Monitor Message Board Gives You A Built-In Spot For Notes & Your Phone

This handy monitor message board will keep important notes and reminders handy — in fact, they’re attached to your computer. This is the perfect way to organize information you reference frequently while working or to sort your to-do list. This device snaps onto the side of your computer screen with ease, and there’s even a spot to store your phone while it charges.


A Pack Of Small Odor-Absorbing Bags That Really Clear The Air

Over time, through no fault of our own, the spaces we frequently occupy can begin to develop unsavory smells. Luckily, these bamboo and charcoal air purifying bags promise to absorb unwanted odors and leave the air cleaner. Each one is compact and can be used in your closet, fridge, car, or practically anywhere else. All they need is a refresh in the sunlight for about two hours once a month, and they’ll last for years.


This Frozen Kitchen Appliance Makes Smoothies & Slushies In Minutes

Making a tasty, cold treat at home is super easy with this slush and shake maker. In minutes, make smoothies, slushies, milkshakes, frozen drinks, and more, without the bulk or expense of a blender. Simply freeze the inner core of the cup for eight or more hours, place it back in the outer cup, pour in whatever ingredients you’d like, and mix it up with the included cup to freeze them.


This Ice Cube Tray & Scoop Bin For Storing More Cubes In Your Freezer

If your freezer lacks a built-in ice maker but you need to keep a larger amount of ice on hand than a single ice cube tray, you need this ice cube bin and scoop. There’s a storage bin for ice cubes with an included scoop, and an ice cube tray rests on top as a lid. Each tray makes 32 cubes, and the bin is even equipped with handles for convenient use.


This Dish Soap Dispenser Has A Built-In Spot For Your Sponge

Here’s a dish soap dispenser that’s also conveniently a caddy for your dish sponge. A single pump distributes exactly the amount of dish soap you need into the sponge, which rests on top. Plus, you can see exactly how much soap is left and know when it’s time to refill.


An Under-Desk Bike That Helps You Get A Workout In, Even On Busy Days

Maintaining an active lifestyle with a full-time job is hard enough: Make working out part of your work day with this digital under-desk bike. Pedal while you’re answering emails or in a Zoom meeting to squeeze a bit of exercise in on busy days, or to help you keep focused. The 12.6-inch bike fits under most desks, and you can adjust the resistance to suit your desired intensity.


This Indoor Smart Security Camera For Under $30

Give home security a try with this affordable and smart mini security camera. Use it to keep an eye on your kids or pets while you’re away, and communicate with people in your home using the two-way audio system. It’s automatically set up to send a notification to your phone when motion is detected, so you’ll always know what’s going on. Setup takes just a few minutes and the device can even pair with your Alexa device for further features.


A Set of Eco-Friendly Grow Bags Are Just What Your Plants Need

Every avid gardener and plant lover needs a set of these five-gallon grow bags. These durable fabric pots do not retain excess water, allowing the roots of your plants to breathe easily and grow more robustly. Convenient handles allow you to easily transport them easily from place to place, even when they’re full of soil, and you can use and reuse them for years to come.


This Solar-Powered Fountain For Your Bird Bath

Turn any bird bath into a water attraction using this solar-powered fountain pump. Choose from six different nozzles for different water effects, and watch wildlife flock to your yard. Even at night, this fountain runs for three to four hours after the sun goes down so you can continue enjoying your water feature.


This Magnetic Screen Door Lets In Fresh Air — But Not The Bugs

When the weather is nice, all I want to do is fling open the doors and let the light and fresh air in — that is, until bugs start to invade. This magnetic screen door takes care of that problem: It’s made of polyester mesh with a magnetic seal that closes automatically behind you or pets, allowing air to circulate without critters or other particulates to enter your home. It fits most standard door frames.


These Soft Microfiber Sheets With Over 76,000 Five-Star Reviews

One of the quickest ways to upgrade your bed is with a new set of soft sheets. This microfiber set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and four pillowcases instead of the usual two. Reviewers love how comfortable they are and that they dry relatively wrinkle-free.

- Available Colors: 5

- Available Sizes: Twin — California King


A Tiny, Portable Fridge That Can Warm Or Cool Your Food

You’ve heard of a mini-fridge, now get ready for a personal fridge that’s so small you can easily transport it from place to place. It’s perfect for small spaces like your office, dorm, tailgating, boating, and more. Use it to keep food, skincare, drinks, and more cold or warm just by flipping a switch; it cools things down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit and warms them up to 140 degrees.


This Artisan Pour-Over Coffee Maker Is Perfect For People Who Really Love Coffee

If you’re especially particular about how your coffee is made, you’ll love this pour over coffee maker that allows you to control every last variable. Not only does it look great on your kitchen counter, this heat-resistant decanter holds up to 34 ounces of brewed coffee. There’s no need for disposable filters because it comes with a reusable stainless steel filter. Play around with water temperature, amount of grounds, and water flow to brew the perfect cup to suit your taste.


A Set Of Dimmable LED Smart Bulbs

These dimmable LED bulbs aren’t your average lightbulbs: You can control them with a remote control or use your voice to turn the lights on and off, adjust the brightness, or set timers and energy-saving schedules. They’re easy to install and come in a money-saving pack of four.


This Electric Can Opener Is A Huge Upgrade From Your Current Manual Opener

Save yourself a little time and effort when you replace your manual can opener with this electric version. It opens any size can with ease, so you can save yourself the hassle (and potential injuries) of manually opening them. Over 30,000 Amazon customers agree this is a great kitchen investment and give it five stars.


A 3-Piece Accessory Kit With Everything You Need To Make Your Candles Last As Long As Possible

Taking care of your candles isn’t nearly as straightforward as just blowing them out when you’re finished enjoying them. This three-piece candle accessory kit will help your candles last as long as possible, so you can enjoy their scent and ambiance for hours. It comes with a wick trimmer, candle snuffer, and a wick dipper to prevent smoldering. (Pro tip: Give it as a gift for the candle aficionado in your life.)


This Toothbrush Holder Mounts To The Wall & Holds So Much More Than Just That

If your bathroom has limited counter space or storage, then allow me to present this wall-mounted toothbrush holder. With spots for disposable cups and up to three toothbrushes, a toothpaste dispenser, and a shelf on top to store cosmetic products, it’ll free up tons of space and keep your most-used items within arm’s reach. It attaches to the wall easily with an included adhesive.


These Motion-Activated Lights Allow You To Use The Bathroom At Night Without Turning On The Overhead

Getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and being blinded by your overhead lights is a too-common occurrence. These motion-activated toilet night lights solve that problem: The color-changing lights sit inside the toilet bowl and turn on when you enter the room, providing just enough light to do your business by. They take three AAA batteries and last for months without recharging.


A Set Of Six Nonstick Coasters That Protect Your Furniture From Water Damage

If restaurants trust these large drink coasters, then so can you. Made from durable, non-slip rubber with a raised edge, these coasters will prevent water damage on your precious surfaces. Hundreds of nonstick “buds” prevent your glass from sticking to the coaster, which is large enough to accommodate most glasses, bottles, mugs, and more.


This Marble Wallpaper Can Be Used On Most Surfaces & Looks Like The Real Deal

If you’re itching for a renter-friendly DIY project, look no further than outfitting a wall, counter, or piece of furniture with this glossy marble wallpaper. The classic white and grey pattern is easy to apply, and is a great alternative to traditional wallpaper or real marble. Over 20,000 Amazon customers give it five stars, so the odds for success are in your favor.


These Smart Outlets Allow You To Control Electronics In Your Home From Anywhere

A pack of four Alexa-compatible smart outlets is just the tech upgrade your home needs. Use them to control every electronic in your home, from your lights to your appliances, with just your voice. You can even set timers and create schedules in a smartphone app, and power your devices on and off while you’re away.


This Stainless Steel Milk Frother For Barista-Quality Drinks At Home

Ditch your daily coffee shop habit and get this milk frother, which will allow you to make your favorite drinks at home. It makes foamy, creamy milk within 30 seconds, whipping it to consistency with hardly any effort on your part. The whisk is made from durable stainless steel, and makes your homemade cappuccino, macchiato, or latte even more enjoyable.


These LED Mirror Lights Turn Any Desk Into A Glamorous Vanity Table

You might not have a professional makeup artist at your beck and call, but you can have a Hollywood-quality vanity setup with these LED mirror lights. No drilling or tools required — just stick these lights to your existing mirror, and plug them in to start getting glammed up. They even come with a smart touch dimmer to adjust the brightness and power them on and off.


A Reusable Infuser That Holds Loose Leaf Tea Or Seasonings

Frequent tea drinkers can make loose-leaf brews with ease in these tea ball infusers made of durable stainless steel. Simply drop your leaves into the fine mesh cup, and place it in a hot tea pot or mug to start brewing. One reviewer wrote: “This infuser has met all my challenges! No kettle has been found that is too small to drop it into the fill opening, no tea leaves floating in the tea to embarrass me when I serve it to guests, and it is small enough to infuse a single cup.”


A Water Flosser That’s Way Gentler On Your Gums

Though flossing is an important component of any oral care routine, some may find that traditional floss is too hard on their sensitive gums. Swap it out for this water flosser, and you’ve found an alternative that’s just as effective without the waste or pain of string floss. It uses just water to remove food from between your teeth, and with five different pressure settings and a 360-degree nozzle, you can easily clean even the back corners of your mouth.


This Small Garment Steamer Can Be Used On Any Fabric & Packs A Big Punch

Keep this compact but powerful garmet steamer on hand to smooth wrinkles out of any fabric, from your favorite T-shirt to formal wear. It heats up in just 90 seconds and uses a steam-channeling design to release wrinkles quickly and without damage. It’s safe to use even on delicate fabrics that can’t handle an iron, and comes with a travel bag so you can bring it along anywhere.


A Multi-Pack Of Self-Watering Planters That Keep Your Houseplants Hydrated & Healthy

These self-watering planters make taking care of your houseplants even easier. The pack comes with six 6.7- inch planters that store water in their base for days, keeping your leafy friends hydrated with room at the base for the roots to breathe. They’re made from durable, BPA-free plastic, and your plants will absolutely thrive in them.


A Set Of Cheese Knives That Add Style To Your Charcuterie Boards

Your charcuterie boards are in need of some flair, and this premium cheese knife set has you covered. The pack of four stainless steel knives, plus a cheese fork and cheese spreader, come in various shapes, optimized for different textures of cheese. Your dinner guests are sure to be impressed when they come over for appetizers, and the set will last for years with proper care.


An Anti-Slip, Textured Bath Mat That Protects Your Shower Or Tub

Protect your tub or shower from damage (and yourself from slipping) with this textured PVC bath mat. The quarter-inch thick mat provides a little extra support for your feet while you’re showering, and it’s washable and quick-drying.


This Waterproof Device Allows You To Watch Videos While Showering

And if you’re looking to really upgrade your shower experience, get this waterproof anti-fog phone holder, which allows you to watch videos or listen to music in the shower. Simply adhere the holder to your shower wall, open up the door, and slide your phone inside the silicone case. This way you can enjoy all your favorite media while bathing, without worrying about water damage to your device.


An Over-The-Door Organizer Made Just For Keeping Your Pantry Neat

Keep your pantry organized and frequently-used bottles in plain sight with this over-the-door hanging organizer. Fifteen spacious clear pouches can hold anything from spices to condiments to oils, and the entire organizer measures 52 by 18 inches and slips neatly over your pantry door. It’s a five-star favorite of nearly 9,000 shoppers.


A Silicone Popsicle Mold That Makes Delicious Cold Treats Super Easily

Turn your favorite fruits into a frozen treat using this silicone popsicle mold. The 100% BPA-free mold makes up to seven bite-size popsicles; just add your desired ingredients, and stick it in the freezer to enjoy. You can even color-coordinate your popsicles with each of the rainbow handles.


This Nifty Kitchen Device Helps You Separate Egg Whites & Yolks Without Making A Mess

When your next recipe calls for egg whites, whip out your OXO 3-in-1 egg separator to get the job done without any hassle or mess. The raised edge of the separator hooks onto nearly any bowl, so you can crack the egg directly into the device and easily separate its components. Excess whites drain through the holes in the bottom and into your bowl, and the separator also ensures no pesky eggshells will make it into your recipe.


This Innovative Bottle Makes Pancakes & Waffles Ridiculously Easy

One of the fastest, easiest ways to make pancakes or waffles is with this mixer and dispenser bottle. Add your ingredients directly to the mixer, and shake it up with the included wire whisk ball inside. Then, use the heat-resistant silicone spout to pour your mixture onto a hot griddle or waffle maker — you can even use it to make shapes! It makes breakfast so easy, and cleans up in less than 30 seconds to boot.


An Electric Coffee Grinder That’s Quiet, Powerful & An Amazon Favorite

This electric coffee grinder is a consistent favorite with over 26,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers. They love how powerful the machine is without being super loud, as well as the dishwasher-safe components and compact size. It makes grounds for up to 12 cups of coffee, and the super-sharp stainless steel blades grind up any coffee beans or spices in a flash.

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