The 3 Biggest Makeup Trends To Watch In 2021, According To Pinterest

Say goodbye to full-coverage foundation.

Pinterest's 2021 makeup trends predict bold color in the year to come.

You may turn to Instagram, scroll through TikTok, or opt for a YouTube video when looking for beauty inspiration. But over 400 million people use Pinterest for their skin and makeup ideas. And, as evidenced by Pinterest's makeup trend predictions of 2021 — which were just revealed — the visual platform sees a lot of experimenting in the new year.

On Dec. 10, Pinterest released its trends report after scouring the searches and pins of its millions of users. With that many people heading to the aggregation website to find the next big thing, there are certainly a few trends to be discovered. In fact, according to the site, eight of its 10 predictions for 2020 came true (such as eco-friendly everything).

While the site looked at everything from home design to fashion, for beauty lovers, it's Pinterest's 2021 makeup trends that may be most exciting. From a shift away from caked-on makeup to a new generation's colorful approach to beauty, these are the three top makeup trends Pinterest thinks you'll be seeing everywhere in the year to come.

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1. Skinimalism

According to Pinterest, it may be time to say goodbye to your full-coverage foundation in 2021. Instead, the site sees "skinimalism" as the dominating beauty look. The report shows four times the amount of searches for "getting glowing skin naturally" and a 180% increase in interest in "natural everyday makeup." This upcoming year, think lightweight foundations, liquid highlighters, and an emphasis on skin care.

2. Rainbrows

Brows, brows, and more brows will be in for 2021, which is a focus experts recently told Bustle will be one of winter's biggest makeup trends. Bold is the name of the game, with goth brows — heavily drawn-on, dark, and angular styles — trending up 120% on Pinterest while bleached brows are up 160%. Perhaps the most fun trend, though, is rainbrows, which involves brows transformed into boldly-colored arches. In other words: Makeup is about to become even more fun and adventurous.

3. Pops Of Color

Say hello to color in 2021. This new makeup trend falls under what Pinterest calls "indie beauty," a category predominantly made up of Gen Z. Aya Kanai, Pinterest’s head of content and editorial partnerships, explains in the reveal webinar that the generation is "revolutionary," and has reinvented indie as "defined by bold color, crop tops, or baggy jeans, or emoji-inspired makeup and nails." With this trend, expect to see a pop of color in the inner corner of the eye (a look that was up 45% in Pinterest searches), smiley face nails, and butterfly-themed eye makeup.