Podiatrists Say These Shoes Are So Comfy You Can Walk In Them All Day & They Go With Any Outfit

Versatile shoes that go the extra mile.

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Podiatrists Say These Shoes Are So Comfy You Can Walk In Them All Day & They Go With Any Outfit
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Finding a shoe that’s comfortable, looks great, and is podiatrist-approved may sound like an impossible task, but it’s easier than you think. Thanks to Amazon’s large selection of stylish footwear — and the advice of four podiatrists — I’ve compiled a list of loafers, ballet flats, sneakers, and more that will satisfy all your needs. From travel-ready sandals to walking shoes you can wear all day, these experts weigh in on the specs you should be looking for and the features that make a shoe really comfortable. And these picks aren’t just functional, they’ll also go with any outfit.


This Cushioned Sneaker With 58,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Reviewers love these flexible, slip-on sneakers, and you might just, too. Not only do they have comfortable cushioning and a padded collar, but they also have a breathable, stretchy upper, which is recommended by Dr. Janine Ferrigno-Taddeo, a podiatrist and expert consultant at Aetrex. This means your feet have room to move and one reviewer raves, “I feel like I'm walking on pillows.”

  • Available sizes: 5 — 13, including wide and narrow sizes
  • Available colors: 30


A Breathable Loafer With Comfy Shock Absorption

When it comes to loafers, Dr. Bruce Pinker, a board-certified podiatrist and foot surgeon at Progressive Foot Care, recommends a firm heel, appropriate insole cushioning, a roomy toe box, and rubber outsoles — and these breathable mesh loafers check all the boxes. They’ll keep your feet cool when you’re walking around and the soft EVA sole will make sure you’re comfortable. Plus, they’re lightweight and nonslip for stability with each step.

  • Available sizes: 6 — 10.5, including wide sizes
  • Available colors: 19


These Stretchy, Cushioned Shoes That Hug Your Feet

Made of breathable mesh and an EVA footbed with vents for air circulation, these stretchy walking shoes can help you go the extra mile. They’re lightweight and flexible, and the soles are hard molded for extra traction. One reviewer raves, “Feels like walking on air with a secure hug around the middle.”

  • Available sizes: 5.5 — 11
  • Available colors: 26


A Lightweight Canvas Slip-On With An Orthotic Insole

For an even distribution of pressure with each step, Dr. Timothy Oldani, a podiatrist at Missouri Foot and Ankle, advises shoppers to look for “shock absorption under the heel and ball of the foot.” And if the shoe has a raised area just behind the ball of the foot (aka the metatarsal pad), Oldani notes that’s an added bonus.

These breathable canvas slip-ons combine all those elements. They feature an orthotic insole with strong arch support and a memory foam base, plus that bonus metatarsal pad to relieve foot pressure. One reviewer notes, “I'm on my feet standing all day. I've been diagnosed with several foot conditions and these shoes help with the pain! Highly recommended.”

  • Available sizes: 6 — 12
  • Available colors: 11


These Shoes That Give You A Barefoot Feel

Another element to keep an eye out for, according to Dr. Pinker, is “a toe box that provides enough room for the toes to prevent cramping.” These shoes have that, plus a barefoot design that keeps your feet close to the ground while encouraging your foot’s natural shape. They also have a nonslip rubber sole and a breathable, knitted upper for air circulation.

  • Available sizes: 6 Wide — 11.5 Wide
  • Available colors: 10


A Pair Of Lightweight & Supportive Croc Sandals

Ankle strap for stability, cushioned footbed, grippy outsoles — these Croc sandals have all the features that Dr. Pinker recommends. They’re also designed to provide support, breathability, and a soft, comfortable fit. And with a 1.4-inch heel, they’ll even give you some height. One reviewer wore them on a trip and reported, “We did so much walking and no blisters.”

  • Available sizes: 4 — 11
  • Available colors: 3


A Classic Pair Of White Canvas Sneakers

A classic pair of white sneakers can add a casual look to shorts, dresses, or jeans. One shopper notes, “These shoes are comfortable and match everything!” And since these ones are made of canvas, they’re comfortable and breathable to walk around in. Plus, the rubber outsole keeps them durable and steady without slipping.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available colors: 8


A Popular Pair Of Slip-Ons That Are Available In 80+ Colors

With a stellar 4.7-star rating after over 120,000 reviews, these slip-ons are beyond popular. They also feature a rubber outsole, room in the toe box, and a soft, memory foam insole, which Dr. Pinker recommends. The shoes are designed with a relaxed feel, plus they’re available in lots of colors and are machine washable.

  • Available sizes: 4 — 12
  • Available colors: 86


These Flats With A Chic Eyelet Design

What sets these flats apart is their floral eyelet design that adds a cute touch to your look, while also allowing your feet to breathe. They’re made of faux leather with a memory foam insole, and a lightweight, flexible outsole. One satisfied shopper reports, “Soft and comfy. Can fold for travel. Like walking on a pillow.”

  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available colors: 13


These Trendy Mules With A Comfy Footbed & Metallic Accent

It’s important to look for good support through the arch, Dr. Oldani notes, adding, “The arch should have adequate height with a semi-rigid material, such as cork, that provides support with each step.” You can get that support with these trendy mules. The cork footbed is covered in soft, suede leather for a comfortable feel and the thick gold accents add a chic touch. The rounded toe design gives your feet room to stretch and they’re available in five different colors and textures.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available colors: 5


These Croc Clogs That Are Designed For All-Day Wear

If you’re looking for a pair of Crocs with a slightly different design, these clogs are for you. They have the same roomy fit, ultra-comfy EVA sole, and contoured footbed of classic Crocs, but with ventilation holes on the sides instead of above the toe. Designed for people who are on their feet all day, they feature a thicker toe and metatarsal area to provide comfort and support while you walk.

  • Available sizes: 6 — 16
  • Available colors: 3


A Stretchy Shoe That’s Ideal For All-Day Walking

When you’re looking for the perfect walking shoe, Dr. Ferrigno-Taddeo, a podiatrist and expert consultant at Aetrex, recommends a stretchy upper, “so your feet are able to move comfortably and freely within the shoe.” These adidas walking shoes have that, plus they’re made of a breathable mesh to keep your feet cool and the brand’s signature “Cloudfoam” cushioning for comfort. They easily slip on and can be secured with adjustable laces. And if you’d like a different look, they’re available in 29 colors.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available colors: 27


These Breathable Slip-Ons That Fit Like A Glove

Another comfortable shoe with a stretchy, breathable upper is this slip-on. The shoes are lightweight and flexible to give your foot freedom to move and feature a loop at the heel for easy on and off. One reviewer reports, “I am on my feet all day. These shoes fit like a glove, super comfortable.”

  • Available sizes: 5 — 13, including wide sizes
  • Available colors: 25


A Walking Sandal With Great Arch Support

Another feature that Dr. Ferrigno-Taddeo recommends in a comfortable shoe is proper arch support for “providing stability and alignment which will help support your body from the ground up.” That’s why these walking sandals are a solid pick. They’re designed with a contoured insole and thick foam midsole, so they provide stabilizing and ergonomic arch support. Plus, they feature adjustable straps for the perfect fit and water-resistant materials for wearing in wet conditions.

  • Available sizes: 6 — 11
  • Available colors: 12


A Super Comfortable Pair Of Mules With A Foam Insole

Dr. Ferrigno-Taddeo adds that shoppers should look out for arch support that’s built-in to a shoe or comes in the form of removable insoles, which allow you to customize your comfort level. Case in point, these cushioned mules. They’re easy to slip on and off and feature removable insoles that are designed with foam and arch support to keep your feet energized with every step. Plus, they’re lightweight and breathable for everyday wear.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available colors: 5


These Stylish Slip-Ons That Look Great With Or Without Socks

Not only do these slip-ons look great with or without socks, but they’re also made with materials from recycled plastic bottles, so they’re eco-friendly. They feature a foam insole with built-in arch support (a Dr. Ferrigno-Taddeo rec), and a lightweight, flexible build that moves with your feet. And the padded collar in the back makes sure your foot is secure and comfy when you walk.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 13, including wide sizes
  • Available colors: 27


A Colorful Pair Of Sandals That Are A Summer Must-Have

These colorful sandals are designed with a yoga mat insole that’s cushioned and includes built-in arch support for comfort and shock absorption. The materials are quick drying, so you can wear them in the water and out, and the nonslip rubber outsole makes sure your footing is stable. For the perfect fit, just adjust the hook-and-loop straps.

  • Available sizes: 6 — 11
  • Available colors: 12


These Retro High Tops That Also Come With Height

If you’re searching for a retro look with a height option, these high tops are a great pick. They feature a wedge insole that can give you a 1.37-inch lift, and it’s removable so you can take it out whenever. Plus, these kicks come in silver, bright green, and a mix of other colors to change up the vibe.

  • Available sizes: 4.5 — 11
  • Available colors: 11


These Loafers That Pair With Any Outfit

A pair of versatile loafers like these Amazon Essentials flats can really go with any outfit, dressed up or down. They’re also comfortable, featuring a memory foam insole and soft, faux suede lining. The heel is low with a traction grip for stability, and they’re lightweight enough to throw in a bag if you need them later.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 15, including wide sizes
  • Available colors: 14


A Birkenstock-Alternative Sandal With A Cushioned Footbed

If you want to pick a pair of comfortable sandals, Dr. Pinker suggests “a cushioned footbed, and a gripping outsole to reduce slippage.” These trendy sandals feature just that — genuine suede insoles that contour to your feet with wear, a flexible cork footbed, and a durable outsole with traction. The adjustable straps top off this Birkenstock-alternative look.

  • Available sizes: 6 — 13, including wide sizes
  • Available colors: 21


These Supportive Sandals With Stretchy Straps

Another feature that Dr. Pinker highlights for sandals is an ankle strap for added stability, which you find in this pair of Dr. Scholl’s. They’re designed with a lightweight, flexible build that allows your feet to move, and stretchy straps that keep your feet secure. Plus, they’re cushioned and the lining is made from recycled plastic bottles.

  • Available sizes: 6 — 11
  • Available colors: 7


This Durable Pair Of Sneakers With A Classic Design

If you’re on the hunt for a comfortable pair of sneakers, Dr. Pinker suggests a rubber outsole to prevent slipping, a cushioned insole, and durable uppers which you’ll often find made of leather. These Reeboks with a classic design check all those boxes. Their soft leather upper is supportive, and the memory foam liner and rubber sole provide soft cushioning and shock absorption. They’re also available in several colors and include wide sizes.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 11, including wide sizes
  • Available colors: 6


A Flexible, Nonslip Sneaker That You Can Stand In All Day

These sneakers have a comfortable memory foam insole with arch support and a nonslip rubber outsole for stability — two features that Dr. Pinker recommends. They’re also made of breathable mesh that keeps your feet dry and cool. One shopper raves, “I'm 7 months pregnant, they are so comfortable and flexible and helps with standing at my job all day!”

  • Available sizes: 6 — 10.5
  • Available colors: 11


A Slip-On Vans Alternative That’s Less Than $20

If you’re looking for a comfortable Vans alternative, these shoes are a solid option. They feature that signature slip-on style, a thick rubber sole, and a breathable canvas upper. Plus, with 16 colors to choose from and a price tag that’s less than $20, you might need to get more than one pair.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 12
  • Available colors: 16


A Sneaker With A Wide & Comfy Toe Box

When it comes to sneakers, Dr. Alissa Kuizinas, a board-certified podiatrist, also recommends a wide toe box for accommodating the “shape of our feet” and allowing “our big toe to be properly aligned.” Reviewers happily reported these sneakers are “almost like wearing slippers and so lightweight,” and that “the size of the toe box is great.” The breathable upper helps keep feet sweat-free and expands to hug your feet, and the durable rubber outsole promotes stability on any surface.

  • Available sizes: 4.5 — 13.5
  • Available colors: 30+


A Wildly Popular Pair Of Flats With A Lot Of Flexibility

According to Dr. Kuizinas, "Shoes with flat and flexible soles enable the bones and joints in our feet to move through their full range of motion,” which is why these Skechers are a great choice. Their flexible rubber sole and goring on the upper give your feet room to move, and the memory foam insole keeps them comfortable. They slip on and off easily and the canvas exterior helps feet stay sweat-free. Plus, they have over 32,000 five-star reviews, so they’re user-approved.

  • Available sizes: 6.5 — 11, including wide sizes
  • Available colors: 16


A Pair Of Ballet Flats That Can Dress Up Or Down With Any Look

These ballet flats have a flat and flexible sole (per Dr. Kuizinas’ recommendation), plus a cushioned footbed so every step is comfortable. They’re made of faux leather and the slip-on design can go with any outfit. One fan reports, “I was looking for a comfortable shoe that can work with jeans or a dress. This fits the bill. Love them.”

  • Available sizes: 5 — 12
  • Available colors: 11


A Breathable & Supportive Pair Of Mary Janes

These shoes add a modern touch to the classic Mary Jane design. They have an adjustable strap for the perfect fit and a removable cushion foam insole that’s comfortable for all-day wear. Your feet will also appreciate the breathable synthetic upper, smooth spandex lining, and a flexible, shock-absorbing sole.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available colors: 12


These Stylish, Faux Leather Loafers With Gold Accents

Whether you’re wearing these stylish loafers to the office or a casual weekend brunch, they’ll make a statement. They have a latex insole that’s comfortably cushy and a nonslip outsole so you don’t lose traction. Plus, the faux leather with gold accents make them look more expensive than they are.

  • Available sizes: 6 — 11
  • Available colors: 4


A Pair Of Slides With A Supportive Cork Footbed

Another supportive shoe with a rigid cork midsole and a soft EVA insole are these cute open-toe slides. They’re great for standing and walking and pair well with so many outfits. One satisfied shopper reports, “Very comfortable and look nice too! My new go-to summer slides.”

  • Available sizes: 5 — 12
  • Available colors: 4

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