The Sally Hansen x Mentos Collection Is Nostalgia In A Bottle

Perfect for your spring mani.

Sally Hansen x Mentos is the perfect nail polish collection for spring.
Hannah Lee/Sally Hansen

Sure, there are probably some things you don't want to remember from junior high (like that awkward first kiss). It's more fun to reminisce about the Lip Smackers you'd clip to your Jansport backpack, the smell of Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon body spray, and the minty-sweet flavor of popping a Mentos in the middle of class. Now, with the Sally Hansen x Mentos Collection, you can revisit the fonder memories of your pre-teen years with a killer manicure.

The super-cute Sally Hansen Insta-Dri x Mentos collaboration launches Mar. 1 at Ulta Beauty and drugstores nationwide, and brings you exactly what you'd imagine: eight shades inspired by the nostalgia-inducing candy. That includes the soft lemony-yellow of You're The Zest, the rainbow glitter of Cutie Fruitie, and the classic, blue glitter-flecked white of The Freshmaker, all nodding to the treat's minty and fruity flavors. One major perk? Besides the $5.59 price tag, the collection is part of Sally Hansen's popular Insta-Dri formula which combines a top and base coat within the polish and dries in just 60 seconds. That's basically the easiest home mani you could ever ask for.

Sally Hansen

If you're looking for the perfect spring manicure, Sally Hansen ambassador and nail artist Hannah Lee has created a look exclusively for Bustle that uses nearly every shade in the collection. All you'll need is the new polishes and a dotting tool or toothpick.

Hannah Lee/Sally Hansen

Here are Lee's tips for how to do the look yourself: