I Tried Scrandie Beauty’s TikTok-Famous Spicy Sauce Extreme Lip Plumper

Check out the now-viral indie find.

It’s not often that an indie brand leaves its mark in the incomparably competitive, highly-saturated beauty space — but TikTok’s platform (and it’s ability to make seconds-long videos go completely viral) is the perfect arena for smaller brands to show their innovations and unique POV.

The latest lesser-known product to leave beauty lovers simply obsessed? Scrandie Beauty’s Spicy Sauce Extreme Lip Plumper. And spoiler: it’s currently sold out, but still available for purchase on backorder.

Vegan, cruelty-free, and deliberately low-waste, Scrandie is still a young brand, but has made some major waves already. Namely, Euphoria’s Chloe Cherry is a total stan, and has been spotted gliding the clear lip gloss onto her already-juicy lips. But if that didn’t get their products on your radar before — their extreme lip plumper is brimming with potent ingredients that give you a fully plumped-up pout (without the painful needles and fillers, of course).

Yasmine Dabgotra, Scrandie Beauty’s founder and CEO, shared with Bustle what makes the Spicy Sauce so special: “[It] contains a high potency of chili pepper extract and ginger root oil that create a surge in circulation, which plump deflated or wrinkled-looking lips for a juicy, full appearance. Our unique, slow-developing lip plumping formula contains ingredients that balance the burning sensation for a more comfortable and long-lasting plumping experience.”

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And as the brand was kind enough to send over a Lip Plumper so I could test the formula myself — I must admit, the large doe-foot applicator glides on with a silky smoothness that feels hydrating, and especially when placed on bare lips (or lips lined for that “gym lip” effect), my lips visibly seem to puff, grow, and turn a just-bitten shade of flushed pink shortly after application. I could feel the ingredients working.

In a word? Satisfying.

With so many plumping lippies on the market that don’t seem to do all that much, it’s no surprise that some consumers seem a bit skeptical ... But TikToker Megan Lavallie has taken it upon herself to show what Spicy Sauce can do.

After applying the formula to half of her lips, leaving it on for just a few minutes, there is a crystal-clear different as half of her lip appears undeniably larger, more flushed with healthy circulation, and seriously as if she just got some pricey lip filler.

IMO? It’s the lip gloss I never knew I needed in my makeup bag— and I will most definitely be running for a refill when I run out.